The cost of opening an account: From 790 EUR
The cost of opening an account: From 790 EUR

General information

Name:Banque Genevoise de Gestion SA


Faunded:1 988
History:In 1968, an investment company was established in Geneva. In 1988, the founder of the company, tending to expand the scope of activity, decided to create a private investment bank BGG Banque Genevoise de Gesgion. In June 2010, it changed the name into the current one
Employees:There is Russian-speaking staff
Shareholders:BGG Holding SA (Switzerland) - 70,89%; Banque Cantonale du Valais, Sion (Switzerland) - 6,29%; Hoirie F. Zimmermann - 12,50%
Security:Agreement on legal assistance to the Russian Federation was concluded; Agreement on avoidance of double taxation was concluded; AML legislation is strictly observed. AML legislation is strictly observed; Active membership in the OECD, FATF, Basel Commitee, Egmont Group and others.


Terms of opening for admission (days):10
Opening terms for cancellation (days):10
Recommendations:Not required
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Savings
Types of accounts:Personal; Corporate; Savings
Departure to the bank:The representative of the bank comes to Moscow several times during the year. Visiting the bank is not required, however, a personal meeting is necessary
Required documents:Completed forms for account opening, copies of passports, description of business and source of capital
Account opening, probability:Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:Opening an account is possible without entering the country of the bank; Opening an account is possible without meeting with the banker


Rating in the world:6 117
Country Rating:216
Rating on loans:A+


Balance, minimum:1 000 000 €
Limit of transfers (per month):5
An initial fee :200 000 €
Annual turnover (minimum):0 €
Transaction speed:48 hours

Services and costs

Access to the account:No Internet banking, Management takes place via fax, e-mail (confirmation by voice)
Bank services:Portfolio management, investment consulting, pawn loans, estate planning
Bank cards:VISA, MasterCard, Amexo