The cost of opening an account: From 890 EUR
The cost of opening an account: From 890 EUR

General information

Name:AP Anlage & Privatbank AG


Faunded:1 995
History:Bank AP Anlage & Privatbank AG was established in 1995 by the German Hypo Bank (Munich). In 2004, Parex Bank (Riga, Latvia) acquired AP Anlage & Privatbank and introduced the bank into the structure of the Bank Group Parex.
Employees:English-speaking staff, Russian-speaking staff.
Shareholders:No information


Terms of opening for admission (days):2
Opening terms for cancellation (days):14
Recommendations:Not required
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Personal, corporate.
Types of accounts:Settlement or investment.
Departure to the bank:Required
Required documents:Originals of corporate documents, including apostille and seal of the company; Originals of national and international passports for each of the members of the company; Proof of registration address for each of the members of the company; additional documents can also be requested by the bank employees.
Account opening, probability:Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:No special


Rating on loans:AA-


Limit of transfers (per month):5
An initial fee :100 000 €
Term of contribution (months):3
Transaction speed:Value date is on the third day (regular transfer), and on the next day (urgent transfer).

Services and costs

Cost of translation:The cost of transfer is low (20-37 Chf), but the bank is focused on traditional investment operations of the clients, experiencing substantial variability.
Cost of account maintenance:CHF 100 - for individuals, CHF 500 per year for businesses.
Credit card restrictions:No information
Insurance for credit cards:No information
Access to the account:To manage the account outside the Bank, customers are provided with a special encoder that generates unique keys that replace a customer's signature.
Bank services:AP Anlage & Privatbank is a traditional Swiss private bank, focused on personalized service, asset management and advice on investment issues.
Bank cards:VISA/Mastercard Classic and/or Premiere.
Cost of extracts storing:No information