Opening a bank account in Poland

Accounts in foreign banks are necessary for optimization of conducting business, and they also have positive impact on reputation of the company. Company Law&Trust offers prompt opening of settlement bank accounts in Poland of private or corporate type. Our lawyers have extensive experience of doing business all over the world, which allows the clients to select financial institution from among large list.

Polish banks stand out against the background of other banks due to cost-efficient tariffs, as well as low cost of maintaining accounts.

We cooperate with such banks as Bank Zachodni WBK, mBank and PKO Bank Polski. Each of them has special list of requirements for the client, but there are no difficulties when opening bank account in Poland for non-resident anywhere. In order to open account in the bank in Poland, it is enough to submit an application for consideration to our lawyers.

Experts determine the bank that best suits your requirements, and after that the list of documents and the necessity to visit the territory of Poland and the bank branch become clear. You can also select the bank at your own discretion, as detailed information concerning the banks is available on our website.

How to open bank account in Poland for non-residents: features and nuances

PKO Bank Polski

It is one of the oldest in Europe and operates for almost one century. It is characterized by high level of secrecy and presence of English-speaking personnel, which simplifies account opening in the bank in Poland and translation of documents.

1. Consideration of the application and processing of the account take 7 working days, that is an average indicator.
2. The bank allows you to open accounts in Poland of any type.
3. Standard Visa and MasterCard cards are used to operate the account, and minimum balance after transactions can be equal to zero.
4. Special advantage consists in the fact that transfer of funds is carried out within the day of the request.


The bank has high level of rating in the country, opens savings and settlement accounts in different currencies.

1. The term of opening equals to 10 days if all necessary documents are available.
2. Standard package of documents is required.
3. Maintaining of cards, account and Internet banking is paid separately.
4. Minimum balance on the account can reach zero.
5. The term for conducting transaction ranges from 2 to 3 days, the fee is charged for transfer.

Bank Zachodni WBK

It is one of the country's largest banks, that was established relatively while ago, but has several advantages over its competitors.

1. Opening of the account in the bank in Poland takes 10 days if all the necessary documents are available.
2. The client does not need recommendations or detailed description of sources of income. The presence when opening is also not mandatory.
3. Among the large list of banking services, there is Internet banking, which makes managing the account easier and more convenient.
4. The balance on the account can be reduced to zero, and the term for transfer is not more than 3 days. You can clarify details about the tariffs for transactions and services with the lawyers of our company.

Documents required for opening account in the bank in Poland for non-residents

The client should provide passport and TIN. Legal entities should prepare all documents for the company, as well as identity documents of directors and beneficial owners. The full list of document in order to open bank account in Poland can be specified by phone. Our lawyers will prepare all the necessary documents for submission to the bank.

Poland: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Pekao Bank 450 EUR 1929
PKO Bank Polski 590 EUR 1919
mBank 790 EUR 1986
Getin Noble Bank 450 EUR 2004
ING Bank 450 EUR 1989
Millennium Bank 450 EUR 1989
Santander Bank 590 EUR 2001