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Specifics of Obtaining Residence Permit in Poland

Poland is the country in Eastern Europe located on the coast of the Baltic Sea. The stable political system, developing economy, government support of business especially attract business owners who want to benefit from the country of their company registration, namely, obtaining a residence permit. Law and Trust International team provides its services accompanied by obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence, citizenship in Poland. Thanks to the vast experience and practice of our lawyers, the completion of all procedures will become much easier, and most importantly, it will save your time and money.

Polish citizenship by investment.
Polish citizenship by investment.

Main Benefits of Obtaining Residence Permit in Poland


  • Freedom to travel or live without any visa in Europe: the right not only to live in Poland all year round, but also to stay without any time limits in Schengen zone;
  • Benefits of running business: the right to purchase real estate, register and manage your business;
  • Access to the state educational system: the right to education for your children in educational institutions of Schengen countries;
  • Healthcare: access to world renowned and leading healthcare systems in the EU;
  • Ease in opening bank accounts: Polish banks will be able to provide opportunity to open bank accounts, both personal and corporate, on favorable terms;
  • Setting up a business in the modern and competitive corporate tax system with access to EU free market;

Grounds for Obtaining Residence Permit in Poland

  • Employment in the Polish company;
  • Running business;
  • EU Blue Card;
  • Other grounds also include training, family reunification.

Employment in Polish Company

The foreigner who concludes the employment contract with Polish company has the right to obtain a residence permit with the right to work in Poland. The list of documents required to apply for a residence permit is quite simple: 2 copies of the application, 4 photos, passport, payment of state duties.

It is also necessary to provide the documents confirming

  • Tax clearance certificate in respect to the Polish tax service;
  • Availability of insurance;
  • Tax return for the previous financial year in Poland;
  • Place of residence in Poland (contract for the lease or purchase and sale of real estate);

The employing Polish company provides some documents. These are the basic documents that confirm the grounds for obtaining a residence permit

  • 2 applications filled out by the employer (information about the work performed);
  • Employment contract;
  • Employer’s confirmation about the capability to maintain the employee, as well as confirmation of the actual pursuit of activities;
  • Certificates of termination of work for other companies (it applies if you have already received a residence permit in Poland);
  • Confirmation that there is no possibility to hire local employees for the chosen position. The job offer is sent to the Employment Center indicating the relevant criteria and characteristics for a certain candidate. After receiving the reply that there are no employees with such skills on the Polish labor market, the foreign applicant will be required to provide relevant documents confirming its qualifications, skills, experience that were indicated in the job offer.

Running Business

Obtaining citizenship in Poland for tax benefits.
Obtaining citizenship in Poland for tax benefits.

Residence permit in Poland based on business

Poland is one of the few countries that has introduced tax breaks for small businesses. If the company's turnover does not exceed 1 million 200 thousand euros, the income tax rate will be 9%. It is one of the few European countries with a low income tax rate. There are several company types available for registration in Poland:

The company can be registered remotely.

List of documents required from the applicant: 2 copies of completed application, 4 photos, passport, payment of state duties. You must also provide:

  • Tax clearance certificate in respect to the Polish tax service;
  • Availability of insurance;
  • Tax return for the previous financial year in Poland;
  • Place of residence in Poland (contract for the lease or purchase and sale of real estate);
  • Stable income in Poland.

In addition to the applicant's documents, it is necessary to provide documents on the company, which confirm running business in Poland and good financial performance:

  • Constitutional documents of the company;
  • Financial statements for the previous financial year;
  • Company profile;
  • Confirmation of the company's profit not less than 12-times average profit for the region where the application for residence permit is submitted;
  • Confirmation of employment of 2 full-time employees who have been working for more than a year before submitting the application. The employees can be either Polish citizens or foreigners exempted from the requirement to have a work permit.

IMPORTANT: if the last two points are not fulfilled on the day of formation of the application for a residence permit, in this case, you need to submit confirmation of the fulfillment of criteria in the future. You can also submit evidence on the company’s positive influence on the investment flow, job creation, innovation development, etc.

The period for considering the package of documents and obtaining a residence permit is 4 months.

EU Blue Card

EU Blue Card provides excellent opportunity to obtain a residence permit and work permit for highly qualified specialists under the simplified and easy procedure. For obtaining EU Blue Card, there are requirements for the provision of:

  • Confirmation of completed higher education;
  • Employment contract with the employer or job offer for at least 1 year;
  • Certificate of no criminal record;
  • At least 5 years of relevant professional experience;
  • Medical insurance.

It should be noted that the foreigner must be a highly paid employee on the territory of his country with the salary 1.5 times higher than the average one.

The period for considering the package of documents and obtaining Blue Card is about 12 weeks.

Each basis is considered individually, depending on the requirements and capabilities of the applicant himself. For obtaining the qualified advice on obtaining a residence permit / permanent residence / citizenship, you can contact our lawyers.


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