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How to get a residence permit in Slovakia

Slovakia is one of the most actively developing countries in Europe. Therefore, this state is considered for immigration and permanent residence by many citizens of our country. Slovakia is a member of the European Union, its economy is developing and is in need of labor. Salaries are roughly on par here with the neighboring Czech Republic and Poland, but the labor market is not overloaded. A residence permit in this state will allow you to travel to Schengen countries without visas. Local laws are loyal to anyone who wants to apply for a permanent residence permit or obtain Slovak citizenship.

How can you apply?

Before obtaining Slovak citizenship, you first need to apply for a permanent residence permit and live on the territory of the state for 5 years. In order to obtain a residence permit in Slovakia, grounds are necessary, which are confirmed by relevant documents. If everything is ready, you must submit an application and a package of documents. You can register your application in:

  • the Directorate of Migration Services directly in Slovakia;
  • the consulate of the Slovak Republic in any country.

The representative office that accepted the application is required to interview the applicant. Representatives of the consulate or migration service shall tell about the date in advance.

Who can not get a residence permit

Slovak law provides groups of people who cannot apply for a residence permit. These include:

  • people who have received refugee status in the territory of the Slovak Republic;
  • asylum seekers;
  • applicants who have previously issued a permit for permissible residence.
  • In addition, a permanent residence permit is not issued to persons who have arrived in Slovakia for long-term (5-6 years) or seasonal studies.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit

Absence of criminal record

Documentary evidence of the absence of current criminal records in the country of citizenship.


The minimum age is 18 years old.

No violations

no visa violations in the Schengen countries.


Availability of accommodation in the territory of Slovakia

Health insurance

Availability of a health insurance policy.

Impeccable reputation

Do not pose a threat to the national security of Slovakia and the health of other people.

Advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia

Freedom of movement in the Schengen area.
Favorable conditions for doing business.
Relatively high rates of economic development of the country.
Affordable and quality European education.
Low mortgage rates.
Loyalty to immigrants.
The loyal immigration policy of the state (minimum requirements for obtaining a residence permit based on the availability of business).

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit

Employment in a Slovak company

One of the grounds for obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia is employment. A Slovak company interested in an employee who is a foreigner should inform the Slovak employment office of this vacancy. Only after 30 working days (1.5 months) after such a placement, an employee can apply for a residence permit.

When hiring highly qualified specialists (Blue card), documents for residence permits can be submitted 15 working days after the Slovak labor office was informed about the vacancy.

Availability of business in Slovakia

Today, obtaining a residence permit in Slovakia based on the registration of a company is the most reliable and fastest way to obtain a residence permit. The most common type of legal form of a company is a limited liability company (S.R.O.).

It is conditionally possible to distinguish 3 stages that will need to be passed in order to obtain a residence permit:

Registration of a company in Slovakia.

It is possible to register a company in Slovakia both with a personal presence and remotely. To register a limited liability company with a personal presence, one working day in Slovakia is sufficient.

Opening a corporate bank account.

A corporate account is opened with a registered company in Serbia.

Submission of documents for a residence permit and obtaining a residence permit ID-card

For the preparation and submission of documents for obtaining a residence permit in the immigration police, 3 working days in Slovakia are sufficient.

List of documents for a residence permit

Photocopy of passport.
Certificate of good conduct.
Two photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm.
Confirmation of the availability of funds in the bank account.
Health insurance.
Health certificate.
Confirmation of the address of residence in Slovakia.
Documentary evidence of one of the grounds for obtaining a residence permit.

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