Гражданство Молдовы

There are many reasons why citizens of particular country acquire citizenship of another one. The main reason is getting to the “black” list in connection with opposition activity or an acute conflict with law enforcement authorities of the native state based on financial frauds, which are prosecuted under law.

Much less often the decision to acquire the citizenship of Moldova is made by individuals long and firmly naturalized in a country and have family and business ties there. Some countries use the interest to acquire the second citizenship for a long time and not in gratuitous way. In general, these countries are characterized by low-developed economy and their attempt to attract investment in the economy by any means.

Not a long time the Republic of Moldova, in the past the smallest and depressive republic of the mighty USSR, decided to follow this way.

Issuing Moldavian citizenship by investment

Since autumn 2017 each cosmopolitan citizen has got a chance to acquire the citizenship of Moldova after adoption of the relevant law by the Moldavian Parliament. It immediately caused a mixed response not only from the opposition figures, but also did not find any support among law-abiding citizens. The price of getting the second «homeland» became too low. It is only an equivalent of 100 000 EUR paid in Moldavian lei, US dollars or Swiss franks, which opens the road to anyone who desires to acquire the citizenship of Moldova for tax and other purposes.

In fact, issuing the Moldavian citizenship is nothing more than an attempt to benefit, without raising the requirements to the source of funds invested in the Sustainable Development Fund of Moldova. Promotion of the new project could not be done without the ubiquitous Western "partners" ready to render all possible assistance in everything that promises benefits.

Specialized company Helnley&Partners widely opened its wallet being ready to the fact that authorities of Moldova will share investment contributed to the fund for providing intermediary services. There is a well-functioning mechanism. Investment operator is a private foreign company that receives payment for the risk associated with sale of its reputation. The government of the host country can always limit the amount of its responsibility, referring to the lack of awareness and abuse by the employees of the operator company.

How to acquire the citizenship of Moldova?

The key background to obtain the citizenship of Moldova lies in funds contributed by the candidate under one of three existing programs:

  • Non-refundable donation in the amount of 100 thousand EUR;
  • Refundable investment in securities;
  • Refundable investment in real estate.

The first option is preferable to get the source of origin. Name of the investor does not figure anywhere after making a contribution and drawing-up of the passport.

Acquiring Moldavian citizenship by two other means is somewhat risky because t involves participation of the candidate in business activity. At any stage, at least international counter agents, if not authorities of Moldova, will raise issues regarding source of funds invested by the candidate to the budget of his new homeland. The only advantage is refundability of funds. However, it is unlikely that anyone interested in obtaining protection from an independent state will set this goal as one of the main goals in exchange for the Moldovan hospitality.

Apologists of attracting the investment see the source of income in the new program. Nonetheless, they acknowledge that investment attractiveness of Moldova is low in comparison with such long-standing players of “citizenship by investment market” as Dominican Republic, Grenada, Saint Lucia, as well as Antigua and Barbuda. There is a fragile hope that the almighty EU and the Interpol will shift all focus on legitimacy verification in relation to source of funds invested in acquiring citizenship of Moldova. It is nothing more than a “pink umbrella” used to hide behind by those in whose interests the Sustainable Development Fund of Moldova was created.