On January 17, 2019, Uzbekistan supplemented the migration program with the so-called “golden visa”. Its essence is similar to the Golden Passport program of other countries. Through investment in the economy of Uzbekistan, you can get a residence permit in the country for 10 years. In the future, there is the possibility of obtaining a passport of the republic.

To become a participant of the program, it is necessary to invest $ 3 million in the economy of Uzbekistan. To receive such a document, you must contact the Migration Service of the republic. The package of documents includes an application form, an intercession from the company which will receive the investment, and a passport. After approval of the application, it is necessary to make investments and submit a payment document, after which a residence permit will be issued.

Holders of an investment residence permit receive most of the rights enjoyed by citizens of Uzbekistan, including the right to education. Children of the investor can study at schools, universities, receive postgraduate education on the same conditions as children of citizens of Uzbekistan.

Law & Trust offers services for individuals who are interested in the investment residence permit program in Uzbekistan. Our lawyers will advise you on the conditions of participation, help to prepare documents and choose an object for investing.