Obtaining the second passport or citizenship

Obtaining the second passport or citizenship

The practice of obtaining second passport and alternative citizenship is gaining in popularity among successful people.

Regardless of the social status of a citizen, in any case a convenient advantage for him is to have more than one passport:

- For example, travelling abroad can be difficult or complicated for a person due to political circumstances. Sudden and unexpected intensification of the access regime in a particular country leads to the situation when it is unknown whether a visa will be issued for you next time or not.

- Even if you can obtain a visa, the procedure of obtaining is often tedious and time-consuming. If you directly apply for a visa, the passport to which the visa will be placed will be unavailable to the owner for several days / weeks, which may postpone his plans, and as a result, it can result in loss of time and money.

- Upon expiration of the period of validity of the passport in the state of your residence and if it is impossible to obtain a new one (due to war, political instability, etc.), the right and possession of a legitimate second passport will be extremely useful, decisive, and essential for you.

Even if you lose your passport, its replacement will take certain period of time, and the fact of having legitimate second passport can be extremely helpful.

Citizens of small peaceful states who have second citizenship pay the greatest attention to the possibility of safe travel in times of political instability, terrorism or civil wars.

Therefore, the second passport can act and is a key element of personal safety for many people who own and run international business and who often have to fly, for those who are outstanding personalities and who are members of wealthy families.