For those who tend to live in the European Union legally, there is one simple way to realize their dream, which is to acquire real estate in the Baltic States. The thing is that the Baltic countries are in the so-called Schengen zone. The countries that signed the Schengen agreement give an opportunity to cross the borders of the states that have ratified this agreement without restriction.

One of the best options will be obtaining a visa in countries such as Estonia, Lithuania, Latvia.

Estonia. In this state, there are two main criteria for obtaining a residence permit:

The first includes the condition that the subject wishing to obtain a residence permit should reside at least 3 out of 5 last years in the country, referring to the obtained urgent residence permit.

The second criterion is the existence of a permanent income, obtained legally.

The most requested and one of the most important internal documents of the country is the ID-card, or simply the identity card that is an analogue of our passport. This document is compulsory, as for all Estonian citizens, and for foreigners, who stay on the territory of this state referring to the residence permit.

In order for the local authorities to issue the ID-card, it is necessary to provide such a list of documents:

  • personal written request for obtaining an identity card, which is fixed on a separate form;
  • passport or driver’s license;
  • confirming document on payment of the fee;
  • standard photo for documents on a unicoloured background, so that it will be possible to accurately and definitely identify a person.

To obtain Estonian citizenship, a foreigner must meet the following criteria:

  • the subject must be fifteen years of age and older;
  • have the ability to speak Estonian at least at a general level;
  • before submitting documents it is necessary to reside in Estonia for at least eight years with permit, and you should reside permanently during the last five years;
  • must have a permanent legal source of income;
  • registration at the place of residence.

In addition, when obtaining citizenship, the applicant will be examined for knowledge of the provisions of the Fundamental Law and the law on citizenship. The final stage will be to swear allegiance to the state.

As for the registration of a residence permit, this will cost you 2 thousand euros in Estonia. The processing time is from 3 to 5 working days, and for those who receive it for the first time, the residence permit is issued for a period of 3 to 4 months.

Lithuania. There are several ways to obtain a temporary residence permit in Lithuania with the right to renew for a year.

  1. For example, you want to move there for gaining profit, work or study.
  2. There is also an option to purchase shares of the Lithuanian company for the amount of 15 thousand euros.
  3. You have family reasons, for example, marriage with a local citizen.

However, there is a more accessible and easy option in the form of obtaining a residence permit. To do this, it is necessary to purchase real estate in Lithuania, at the same time immediately receiving a Lithuanian multivisa. With this multivisa, not only Lithuania is open to you, but all of Europe. It also gives an opportunity to find employment in many countries of the European Union. Buying real estate in Lithuania, you also get the opportunity to freely obtain Lithuanian citizenship.

It is worth noting that many CIS residents take advantage of this opportunity provided by the Lithuanian legislation, buying real estate for the sake of obtaining unimpeded access to the Schengen zone. So buying a dilapidated real estate for a couple of thousand euros can actually lead you to becoming a full-fledged resident of the European Union.

Latvia. Legislation of this state, and more specifically, the law on the immigration of the Republic of Latvia, provides an opportunity to apply for temporary residence permit for foreigners in the following cases:

  • if they have acquired real estate in Latvia;
  • invested money in the capital of a local enterprise.

Among the bonuses of registration of this status, one can note the possibility to freely travel in the Schengen countries, and the person gets the opportunity to study, leave for the purpose of earnings, and use the list of social and medical benefits in Latvia. In addition, they will be able to invite relatives and friends.

Latvia is the easiest one of the EU countries where it is possible to obtain a temporary residence permit. This can be emphasized from the fact that the foregoing requires relatively small capital investments.

The procedure for registering a residence permit takes a little time. Moreover, this document is not just issued at once for five years, unlike in other EU states, which issue the above document for a maximum of a couple of years, but it also includes the registration of children and spouses simultaneously. The procedure of registration takes from five to thirteen days.

In order to obtain a permanent residence permit, a person who has a temporary residence permit must permanently live in his or her own purchased real estate, and  this requirement is not put forward for a temporary residence permit.