Opening a bank account in Estonia

Which bank to select for opening account in Estonia for non-resident?

International banking network of Estonia is famous for its liberality and reliability. It consists of Swedish, Finnish, Danish banks, and financial organizations of other countries. Lawyers of Law&Trust will help business owners and individuals to select the bank and open bank account in Estonia within the shortest possible period of time.

We work with such reliable Estonian banks as:

  • Danske Bank (Estonia) A/S;
  • Swedbank (Estonia) AS;
  • AS SEB Pank;
  • Versobank AS;
  • Tallinn Business Bank.

Banks provide non-resident clients with the opportunity to operate through Internet banking. Tariffication of services in banks is cheaper than in the banking sector of other Baltic countries.

The range of services includes the following:

1.Multicurrency accounts;

2.International and intrastate settlements;

3.Letters of credit;



6.Internet banking;

7.Credit card insurance;

8.Deposits and miscellaneous services.

The bank appoints personal manager for a foreign company in order to resolve insurance and financial issues. Remote account opening in the bank in Estonia for non-resident is applied.

How to open bank account in Estonia for non-resident?

The process of opening bank account in Estonia for non-residents is as follows:

1. Filling in the application form;

2. Submission of documents;

3. Consideration of the application and documentation by the bank (up to 10 working days);

4. Conclusion of contract;

5. Obtaining plastic card, pin-generator;

6. Account opening in the bank in Estonia.

Natural persons need to provide the bank with passport, driver's license, document confirming salary, and causal connection with Estonia.

Legal entities need to prepare agreement on registration of the company, charter, passport, international passports of the beneficial owners. If necessary, manager of the bank may require additional documents.

Law&Trust International will provide consultation on tariff banking "packages", including particular set of services and transactions with monthly fee. The law firm guarantees safety of the received data of the clients.

Estonia: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
AS SEB Pank 550 EUR 1856
Swedbank (Estonia) AS 450 EUR 1820
LHV Bank 990 EUR 1999
Tallinn Business Bank 450 EUR 1991