The cost of opening an account: From 450 EUR

General information

Name:Tallinn Business Bank


Faunded:1 991
History:Tallinn Business Bank was founded in December 1991 and to date is one of the oldest among operating commercial banks in the Republic of Estonia. Shareholders are legal and private persons. The main office is located in Tallinn. Since its inception, the bank pays particular attention to working with small and medium-sized enterprises as well as individuals. The Bank provides its clients with all the major financial and banking services, including operations with precious metals. The Bank is a full-fledged member of the international payment organizations MasterCard International. The Bank provides its clients with two types of debit cards Maestro and three kinds of credit cards MasterCard. In recent years, the bank specializes in comprehensive settlement and credit services of trade flows between Estonian companies and their partners in the European Union, Ukraine, Russia, USA. Individual approach in working with clients is achieved through a system of personal banking maintenance.
Employees:The staff speak Estonian, Russian and English languages.
Shareholders:Tallinna Aripanga is a concern, which includes its subsidiaries - TBB Liisingu AS, TBB Invest AS, Morgan Trade AS. Share capital of TBB Liisingu AS, TBB Invest AS and Morgan Trade AS is wholly owned by JSC Tallinn Business Bank


Terms of opening for admission (days):1
Opening terms for cancellation (days):7
Description of activity:Detailed description is required
Account type:Personal, corporate (all accounts are multi-currency).
Types of accounts:Settlement, savings
Departure to the bank:Desirable. It is possible to open account remotely
Required documents:Documents for the company: originals of all statutory documents are required. If it has passed more than a year from the date of registration of the company, Certificate of Good Standing under the Apostille is required. Documents for the account manager: original of internal passport; original of international passport, it is not possible to open account with the latter document. Documents for the beneficial owner of the company: original of internal passport; original of international passport.
Account opening, probability:High
Particularities during account opening:Activities should be related to Estonia



Balance, minimum:1 100 €
Limit of transfers (per month):no restrictions
An initial fee :1 100 €
Transaction speed:Regular payments in such currencies as EUR, GBP, DKK, LTL, SEK, LVL, NOK, CHF, which are carried out within 1-2 days; Urgent payments in such currencies as EUR, GBP, DKK, LTL, SEK, LVL, NOK, CHF implemented until one o'clock on the same day;

Services and costs

Cost of translation:See tariffs
Cost of enrollment:See tariffs
Cost of account maintenance:Fee for service accounts is 250 (EU companies)/550 (other non-resident companies) EUR per year (corporate accounts) and 50 EUR per year (personal accounts)
Credit card restrictions:No information
Insurance for credit cards:No information
Access to the account:Internet-banking
Bank services:Main services of the bank: cash management services; housing and mortgage lending; business financing, documentary operations, trade finance and bank guarantees/warranties; consumer loans; leasing including aircraft; currency exchange transactions; placement of available funds; transfers within the country and abroad; debit and credit cards; Internet banking; overdraft crediting (Debit +);
Bank cards:Credit cards MasterCard Standart, MasterCard Gold, MasterCard Business (legal persons). Debit cards MasterCard / Maestro, Maestro Deebet Pluss
Cost of extracts storing:Free
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Select Bank's name sort descending Price of account opening Established
AS SEB Pank 550 EUR 1856
LHV Bank 990 EUR 1999
Swedbank (Estonia) AS 450 EUR 1820
Tallinn Business Bank 450 EUR 1991