The cost of opening an account: From 990 EUR
The cost of opening an account: From 990 EUR

General information

Name:LHV Bank


Official site:
Faunded:1 999
History:LHV was founded in 1999, by Rain Lõhmus and Andres Viisemann.In 2009, a banking license was obtained and the business name LHV Bank adopted. The bank began offering deposits and business loans. In 2010, the bank began offering settlement services. In 2015 Network of LHV ATMs was opened. LHV Group became a publicly traded company.
Employees:English, Russian
Shareholders:AS LHV Group (owner - Rain Lohmus/ Lohmus Holding AS)


Terms of opening for admission (days):10
Opening terms for cancellation (days):7
Recommendations:Not required
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Corporate and personal.
Departure to the bank:Required
Required documents:Company: orig. of all constituent doc-s. If a company is older than 6 months - CoGS apostilled. Account manager: orig. of internal passport and travelling passport; CV. Beneficiary: orig. of internal passport and travelling passport; CV
Account opening, probability:Calculated
Particularities during account opening:LHV Bank practices “know your client” and in every separate case has the prerogative to request any additional information or doc-s, which will result in extension of account opening time, and can refuse to opne account without explanation

Services and costs

Cost of translation:Payments in euro within SEPA zone – free; ordinary – 30 EUR; express – 55 EUR
Cost of enrollment:Inside the bank - free; other payments- 5 euro
Cost of account maintenance:30 EUR/month
Access to the account:Internet-banking
Bank services:Document services, credits, fiduciary deals, safe deposits
Bank cards:Mastercard
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