Opening a UK Bank Account for Non-Residents

Law&Trust Company helps to open a bank accounts in the UK for foreigners and EU citizens.

If you are not resident of the United Kingdom, all you need is to tell our lawyer about your requirements. Lawyers of the company Law&Trust will prepare all the necessary documents for opening the account and send them to corresponding British bank.

What Do You Need to Open a Bank Account the UK: Requirements

List of documents required for EURO/USD current account in the United Kingdom

In order to open bank account in the United Kingdom for non-resident, the following package of documents is required.

You need to submit:

  • International passport of the beneficial owner and the account manager;
  • Document confirming the property status of the beneficial owner;
  • CV;
  • TIN Certificate;
  • Receipt for payment of utility bills, issued for the beneficial owner (not older than three months) for confirmation of the address of residence

In order to open bank account in the United Kingdom, companies will need to provide such documents as:

  • Registration certificate, which was issued by the relevant authority at the time of registration of the company;

  • The company's memorandum of association or charter on the establishment of a legal entity (company);

  • Notarized or apostilled power of attorney for opening and managing the account, provided that the person's right to open/manage the account does not follow from the company's constituent documents;

  • Document that confirms current status of the company;

  • Description of the company’s activity.

Other documents may also be required to open bank account in the United Kingdom, the list of which depends on the particular bank.

Which banks in the United Kingdom are preferable for selecting?

The banks of the United Kingdom have excellent reputation, because they have credibility both from the British people themselves and from the citizens of other countries. First of all, the foregoing is due to the fact that the governmental organizations (Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and Conduct Authority (FCA)) carry out strict control over banking systems.

Despite the good reputation of all the banks in the UK, there are a number of special banks that exist for more than one century.

Law&Trust cooperates with such banks of the United Kingdom as:

  1. Santander UK;

  2. EFG Private Bank;

  3. The Co-operative Bank;

  4. Barclays Bank PLC;

  5. Standard Chartered Bank;

  6. Lloyds Bank PLC;

  7. The Royal Bank of Scotland PLC;

  8. Coutts International;

  9. Metro Bank PLC;

  10. HSBC Bank PLC.

All these banks have good reputation and are already ready to cooperate with you. All you need to do is to contact Law&Trust, where highly qualified lawyers will perform all the necessary tasks for you.

United Kingdom: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Santander UK 980 EUR 2010
EFG Private Bank 900 EUR 1996
Metro Bank PLC 980 EUR 2010
The Royal Bank of Scotland Plc 790 EUR 1727
Lloyds Bank plc 980 EUR 1765
HSBC Bank plc 1500 EUR 1836
Standard Chartered Bank 980 EUR 1969
Coutts International 690 EUR 1692
The Co-operative Bank 980 EUR 1872
Barclays Bank PLC 1500 EUR 1690
Платежная система
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Skrill 750 EUR 2001
Dixipay 650 EUR 2008
myPOS 750 EUR 2012
Accent 650 EUR 2014
Wirex 750 EUR 2014
GlobalPayments 650 EUR 2000
EcommPay 650 EUR 2012
TransferWise 650 EUR 2011
PayOp 750 EUR 2000
Settlego 650 EUR 2015
Aveia 550 EUR 2017
Connectum 750 EUR 2014
Moneynetint 550 EUR 2003
Revolut 750 EUR 2015
ePayments 650 EUR 2011
Ebury 650 EUR 2009
Bilderlings 650 EUR 2015