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Gambling license in the UK

Great Britain is one of the countries in Europe, where casinos and other gambling establishments and institutions are officially allowed.

Legislation of the UK promotes and encourages entrepreneurs engaged in gambling activities. Local businessmen pay tax fees at low interest rates, and non-residents are exempt from most financial costs, expenses and commissions.

Law&Trust Company offers obtaining a license for slot machines in Great Britain for both real casinos and Internet gambling organizations. Mandatory requirements for applicants are as follows:

  1. Legitimate operation of the casino and its registration in accordance with all rules and regulations of current legislation of the country of registration.
  2. Availability of a warning about responsible game on the website that informs clients about danger of engaging in gambling.
  3. Availability of certificates about the software used; a company that sells slots or other programmes based on the operation of a random number generator must have a separate license.
  4. Providing a full package of documents. The list of official documents is given below.

The lawyers of Law&Trust guarantee prompt preparation of the package of documents, as well as preliminary expert assessment of your gambling website and constant interaction with representatives of the UK gambling commission. We provide assistance in the registration of several types of certificates.


for slot machines in the UK

  • Slot machines are the main part of each casino, and permission for their activities is issued in the United Kingdom Gambling Commission (UKGC). This organization exists since 2005 and controls the activities of all gambling establishments registered in Great Britain.

    The Commission does not belong to the number of state administrative bodies, however it was established under the Ministry and is subject to the rules of local legislation. Consideration of the application is carried out during a period from 6 to 12 months in several stages, and you can clarify more information about the foregoing stages during individual conversation with our specialists.

for lotteries in the UK

  • The organization for the control over national and private lotteries, as a separate structure, appeared later than the remaining entities in 2013. Previously, these powers were part of the duties of the United Kingdom gambling commission. Now you can get permission to conduct lotteries in Great Britain in a shorter time.

    With the assistance of the lawyers from Law&Trust, it is possible to significantly reduce the timing of preparation of documentation, as well as research and investigate the website for compliance with all rules and regulations of the United Kingdom.

bookmaker license in the UK

  • Acceptance of betting on events and interpersonal contests is controlled by the UK Sports Betting Intelligence Unit. This is a special department, which was formed in 2010 due to the fact that bookmaking is somewhat different from other gambling.

    Random number generator is not used for contests and bets, and software is only needed to create preliminary calculations of the outcome of a match, a fight, a race and other sports. Obtaining a bookmaker license in the UK does not take a long time, and the documentation package can be standard with rare exceptions.

Bingo license in the UK

  • Bingo is the most popular kind of lottery on the territory of the United Kingdom, and every gambling establishment has permission to conduct this kind of activity here. This game is not considered particularly profitable among gambling corporations of non-residents, and due to the foregoing certificates for bingo are rarely issued.


    The UKGC requires the provision of a business strategy for promoting the casino for the next 3 years. If a bingo is found on the list of gambling entertainment, the certificate will be issued along with the remaining permissions.

    The license to conduct bingo in the UK is issued for 5 years, as well as other certificates. Renewal involves payment of a state fee without additional interviews or applications. In this jurisdiction, the application itself is first of all considered, then - a package of documents that can be conditionally divided into three parts:

    • information about all owners and shareholders;
    • data about the corporation itself, as well as prospects for its development;
    • technical documentation describing the principles of game, architecture of the website and general provisions of the portal.

    Upon successful examination of the package of documents, the case is transferred to other agencies that are engaged in expert examination of the portal for the honesty of game, payments, customer support. Audit takes up to 60 days, including weekends and holidays. At the end of the monitoring period, the applicant is issued a permit for official activities of the casino.

Casino registration in the UK

Casino is a collection of slot machines, lotteries, bingo and other types of gambling entertainment, which means that a complex of certificates and permits will be required for legal opening of an establishment in Great Britain or in a virtual environment under the jurisdiction of that country. Some of the licenses are required to obtain a permit for official activities of the room.

The price of a license to open a casino in the UK depends on several factors:

  • number of developers of your software (each requires a separate certificate);
  • number of varieties of gambling entertainment (lottery, slots, betting and poker require different types of licenses);
  • number of the owners of the corporation - it is necessary to collect a documentation package that certifies professional experience in the sphere of gambling, as well as material condition, for each of the beneficiaries or shareholders.

All forms are collected by the employees of Law&Trust. The applicant must provide only copies of his personal documents and a power of attorney to collect the other forms.


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