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Gambling license in Montenegro

Montenegro is a country where most of the casino is located in places where tourists gather, for example, in hotels and guest houses. There is a special Law on Games of Chance in the state, regulating the rights and duties of gambling establishments. The casinos receive great support in the development, therefore, they are able to provide large prizes in lotteries and other forms of gambling.

License for gambling in Montenegro is necessary for every entrepreneur who is going to establish gambling business in both real and virtual worlds. Online rooms can cover players from different countries, but if they are under the jurisdiction of Montenegro, then the rules and regulations of the country should be observed by the owner of the casino and its users.

Company Law&Trust offers legal assistance in processing of various types of licenses, such as license for gaming activities in Montenegro, which is usually called the I-Gaming License and provides that holders of such license can render services for the following types of games: casino (including online casinos), betting (for example, Online Sportsbook, binary options), poker and card games, other Internet games; the only exception is that the aforementioned type of license does not provide for a lottery, and license for this type of service is issued separately with the help of Law&Trust.

Depending on the number of slots, the territory of coverage of the target audience and other factors, common package of documentation is compiled and the terms of the audit are determined.

Consideration of the application itself and the enclosed package of documents takes about 30-40 days without taking into account the time required to collect and send documentation. Another 60 days are required for monitoring the portal by organizations that are engaged in verifying interactive gambling structures for honesty policy, as well as number, amount and standard of payments.

Authorization (license) for casinos in Montenegro

In order to obtain license for conducting gambling activities, it is necessary to go through several preliminary stages of preparation, namely:

1. Establish LLC in the territory of a given state. The company should be registered under all the rules of the law, and company registration service is also available in the company Law&Trust.
2. Open account in the bank and receive extract from the bank for confirming own solvency and further contributing funds for preparation and consideration of the application.
3. Compile and file the application for registration of new casino in the jurisdiction of Montenegro.

Our specialist collect the package of documents, and the completed forms are dispatched to the Games of Chance Administration of the country which representatives take decide on issuing license for casino in Montenegro.

Obtaining license

for gambling (slot) machines in Montenegro

  • Once you have obtained official permission for gambling activities, it is necessary to certify all kinds of games on the website or in real casino. License for slot machines in Montenegro is a necessity for most gambling halls, excluding poker houses, bingo and roulette.

    License for slot machines is issued for the period of 3 years, and after that it can be renewed for another 2 years. Further, re-submission and verification of the package of documentation for compliance of the casino with all parameters and standards of the jurisdiction rules and regulations are carried out and the site is monitored.

for lotteries in Montenegro

  • Just as in case of slot machines, the winnings in regards to lottery tickets depend on the RNG. The random number generator automatically selects one or another sequence of numbers, which equates the chances of all players to win. Before accrediting casinos in the jurisdiction of Montenegro, it is necessary to obtain a certificate of RNG, which will indicate the software provider and the integrity of the game.

    It is possible to obtain permission to conduct lotteries in Montenegro with the help of Law&Trust, and the terms depend on the specific focus of your business: the casino is obliged to have this certificate and obtains it along with the package of other permissions. If your company is exclusively engaged in lottery, then one license is issued, which significantly shortens the processing time of the information by the expert commission.

Bookmaker license in Montenegro

  • The authorization for betting and games of chance in Montenegro is determined by the availability of license for gambling activities. In most offshore jurisdictions, this type of gambling implies fixed tax rates or complete absence of government financial fees for non-residents.

    In Montenegro, other laws apply, so the E-Gambling license is issued in accordance with the Decree on the promulgation of the Law on Games of Chance, adopted in 2007, which was one of the first legislative acts recognizing the status of Internet games; regardless of how profitable your business is, it is necessary to transfer 10,000 euros per month to the treasury on the 15th day of the current month. Single corporate tax rate for profit and income tax is 9% and is not charged on the money turnover of the bookmaker’s office.

How to obtain license for bingo in Montenegro?

1. You need to apply for initial legal consultation from the lawyers of Law&Trust. The exchange of primary documentation is carried out by mail or fax, which accelerates the process.
2. The permission to conduct bingo in Montenegro requires registration of own company and opening settlement account in one of the banks of the country. The national currency is the euro, which simplifies financial transactions and allows to avoid the conversion of funds. Registration of the company is included in the complex of tasks of our lawyers.
3. Preliminary monitoring of the portal by experts will allow to identify defects and inconsistencies so that you can correct them before the assignment of the audit term by foreign gambling control organizations.
4. The collection of documents is carried out on the basis of the power of attorney provided by the client. The list includes a large number of items, but our specialists guarantee prompt preparation due to considerable experience of working in this sphere.
5. The lawyer from Law&Trust will represent your interests in the territory of Montenegro, which allows not only to constantly monitor the stages of consideration of the application, but also provide legal maintenance of each stage.
6. After obtaining license for bingo or other type of gambling activity, we continue to cooperate with the client, if necessary.

The above algorithm can be applied to obtaining licenses for casinos, lotteries, slot machines and other types of gambling.

Law&Trust International assumes all the obligations to prepare the application for consideration, which increases the chances of a positive outcome at times.

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