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Gaming license in Alderney

Law&Trust provides services for registering certificates for gambling activities in Alderney. Among the advantages of this jurisdiction  are the following:

  • Low level of taxation for citizens and non-residents;
  • clear and exact list of a package of documentation;
  • reduced time for consideration of an application;
  • full support for the development of casinos and other types of gambling.

We provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining licenses for many types of gambling activities. The client is required to provide a power of attorney, copies of personal documentation, as well as signing of several application forms. Translation and legal verification of all forms will be carried out by our specialists.


for slot machines in Alderney

  • A foreign commission can not issue a license for gaming activities without the expertise of the website with slot machines. In addition to the documentation package, the applicant must provide representatives of the foreign jurisdiction with the ability to monitor the operation of the website, as well as partial monitoring of the level and frequency of payments to players.

    Availability of the Random Number Generator certificate will be an advantage when making a decision on the issue of a license. Non-resident from any state can obtain a license for gambling machines in Alderney. The company owner of the site must already be registered in any jurisdiction.

for lottery in Alderney

  • Most of the lotteries are conducted on the same principle as the game on slots: the winner is determined by the random number generator, so it is impossible to predict the result of the lottery. Jurisdiction of the state involves issuing the same type of certificates for slot machines and lotteries.

    To obtain a license, it is sufficient to collect and submit one set of documents, a list of which will be provided below. The items of the list may vary depending on the specific area of activity of the gambling room, number of shareholders and conditions of the game on the portal.

for casino in Alderney

  • Permission to register a casino may include additional certificates, as there are all known types of gambling entertainment in most game rooms. The package of official documents must contain data on each type of slots, RNG certificate, as well as confirmation of the policy of honesty from authorized foreign organizations.

    It is possible to acquire a license to open a casino in Alderney and beyond this country in a shortened time frame with the help of our lawyers. On average, the time for consideration of an application is 4-6 months without taking into account the stage of collection of documentation. If the commission finds a discrepancy in some information or an incomplete register of forms in the package, it will be sent back for making adjustments. Participation in the process of professional lawyers makes it possible to avoid re-sending papers.

Bookmaker license in Alderney

  • In order to obtain a license for betting in Alderney, it is necessary to register a gambling enterprise in a particular jurisdiction and receive certificates of honesty policy. The company must be registered according to all the rules of the country of registration, otherwise the license may be refused, as the firm will defame the reputation of the commission itself for issuing licenses.

    Certificate A of the third or fourth class is issued for bookmakers depending on the specific direction of the activity: experts can regard the applicant as an operator acting as a mediator in disputes between two players or as an ordinary bookmaker office.

Bingo license in Alderney

  • Bingo is a sub-type of the lottery, which is subject to the lowest interest rates of tax. The certificate of narrow specialization is rarely issued separately from the general package of permits for the activities of the casino. It requires a small package of documents. Obtaining a license for bingo in Alderney is impossible without professional legal support.

    Our specialists provide not only the process of collecting documents, but also provide comprehensive legal support for the operation at all its stages.

What is necessary to register a gambling business in Alderney?

  1. Operating website of the gambling direction, registered in a particular jurisdiction under all local laws and regulations. Portal expertise is carried out by representatives of licensors after filing an application. Preliminary monitoring can be carried out by our professionals to identify obvious violations and correct them by the system administrators of the client.
  2. Complete package of documentation, including information about all shareholders of the enterprise, the charter of the corporation, as well as income level data. In most cases, commercial and credit recommendations are needed both for the beneficiaries themselves and for the company as a whole. The Commission does not accept applications without an approved business plan with a strategy for further development of the website. Portal structure, payment methods and other important data must be reflected in the provided documentation package.
  3. An important step is to obtain constant legal support that can be provided by the Law&Trust. We are representatives of your interests in all interviews and business meetings. Professional specialists prepare documents, translate forms into the state language of Alderney and conduct ongoing negotiations with foreign jurisdictions, which greatly speeds up the process of consideration of the application.
You can get a free consultation on the services in our competence, as well as ask general questions about the process of registering a license for conducting gambling activities in Alderney at any time.
Our lawyers negotiate with the clients by phone and in chat. During off-hours, your application will be forwarded to the mailbox for prompt processing.

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