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Gaming license in Alderney

Law&Trust offers a full range of services for obtaining a license to open a casino on Alderney.
This jurisdiction has a number of advantages:

  • low taxes for citizens and non-residents;
  • absence of income tax;
  • short terms for consideration of the application;
  • full support for the development of casinos and other types of gambling.

We provide comprehensive support in licensing gambling activities. The client is required to provide a power of attorney, copies of personal documentation, as well as to sign several application forms. Translation and legal verification of all documents will be carried out by our specialists.

Types of licenses for OLDERNI

Alderney has a number of gambling licenses:

B2C licenses:

  • Category 1 license (for local companies);
  • Category 1 Associate license (for foreign companies).

B2B licenses:

  • Category 2 license (for foreign companies);
  • Core Services Associate Certificate (for local and foreign companies);
  • Category 2 Associate certificate (for foreign companies).
  • Hosting certificate. It is issued to game providers. The requirements of this type of license include the compliance of game mechanisms with the standards of the Alderney regulator.
  • Temporary gambling license. It is issued for the temporary distribution of gambling services on Alderney. For a period of up to 29 consecutive days or 59 days with interruptions of up to 6 months, you can get the opportunity to operate the site with all the privileges of a category 1 license. This type of license allows the operator to decide if the Alderney market suits him.

A license that allows direct interaction with customers is called a B2C license. It applies to all types of gambling: poker, bingo, slot machines, lotteries, as well as sports betting.

Despite the fact that a B2C license can be obtained both for a foreign company and for a company registered on Alderney, a local company has much more advantages in obtaining a license, including obtaining a category 1 license, which requires the registration of a local company and provides the opportunity to run online casinos.


  • Signed application with a detailed description of all persons holding a stake in the company.
  • A signed statement disclosing any past, ongoing, or pending litigation.
  • Copy of the latest audited financial statements/annual report of the organization.
  • Description of site tests and key customers.
  • Description of the processes that are used to verify compliance with business requirements. It is necessary to give examples of test scenarios, etc.

Basic requirements for obtaining a license

The company that is applying for a license must comply with the standards of economic substance set forth in Alderney's law.
Along with filing of an application, a company should provide the AGCC (Alderney Gambling Control Commission) with a business plan, AML-CFT Policy, detailed description of the games, description of the process of withdrawing client funds from the platform, RNG, RTP, and other documents requested by the AGCC.

Each company must provide the following information and agree to periodic reviews of the regulator during the use of the license:


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