The cost of opening an account: From 450 EUR
The cost of opening an account:
From 450 EUR

General information

Swedbank (Estonia) AS


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Swedbank is a modern bank with strong traditions which trace their origin to the history of savings banks in Sweden. The clients are 7.8 million individuals and more than 600 000 enterprises and organizations. Due to the foregoing, it is the largest bank in Sweden by number of clients and it takes the lead on other European markets, such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. As the major bank, it occupies significant positions in the financial system and in the society. It tends to help the clients, shareholders and society as a whole to maintain and preserve strong and stable financial position. It is constantly working to establish close and long-term relationships with the clients. For the above reason, Swedbank has a wide network of branches and a well-developed system of services provided over the phone, through the Internet and mobile phone. Swedbank has reliable balance, capable of withstanding fluctuations in the economy. Risk assessment and risk management are part of its daily work.
English-speaking staff, Russian-speaking staff.
According to the laws, Swedbank shall provide the relevant customer data at the request of the investigating agencies, notaries, and the Tax and Customs Board.


Terms of opening for admission (days):
Opening terms for cancellation (days):
Не требуется
Description of activity:
not required
Account type:
Personal, corporate.
Types of accounts:
Settlement, investment, savings
Departure to the bank:
Required documents:
Registration card of the company (you can print it directly in the bank). Extract from the Commercial Register. Document that confirms the identity of the representative (ID-card, passport, driver’s license). If joint representation of the company by the board members is provided, all of the above should be present. In case the account is opened by the representative of the firm who is not the member of the board, power of attorney certified by a notary is required.
Account opening, probability:
Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:
No special


Country Rating:
Rating on loans:


Balance, minimum:
0 €
Limit of transfers (per month):
No restrictions
An initial fee :
200 €
Transaction speed:
The speed of movement of payments between banks in Estonia has changed. Starting from February 1, 2014, the interbank payments are made through a new pan-European payment system on the same day.

Services and costs

Cost of translation:
See tariffs. Domestic payment - 1,50 €, domestic urgent payment - up to 10 000 € (incl.) -9 €, and more than 10 000 € - 32 €, normal delivery - service fee to transfer half - 6,39 €, expenses covered by the payer 25,56 €
Cost of enrollment:
200 euros
Cost of account maintenance:
190 euros per year
Credit card restrictions:
No restrictions
Insurance for credit cards:
Insurance credit card can ensure you that the used credit limit will be paid even in the event of an unexpected illness or job loss. You can be sure that the used credit limit will be refunded.
Access to the account:
You will have access to the account at any time and in any place, and when opening settlement account you will also conclude an agreement on teleservices, that will allow you to receive information about the account at any time and in any place. Along with the contract on teleservices, you will receive a user number and a permanent password that will allow you to use Internet banking and telephone banking.
Bank services:
Services that can be obtained in Swedbank: Swedbank is a modern concern of the international level, where private and corporate clients can be provided with full range of banking services in order to help them form a stable financial position and contribute to development. For business clients the following services are available: Daily operations. These include plastic cards, domestic and international payments and settlements, various types of payments, collection of payments, work with electronic invoices, etc. Insurance, loan (investment, short-term, under surety, for multi-unit apartment building). Leasing: car leasing, equipment, overall machines, commercial vehicles. Operation on trade financing (factoring, stock financing, letter of credit, guarantee/warranty). Function of «Traderoom» for companies which activities are related to the implementation of foreign exchange transactions, as well as auxiliary for management of the company's liquidity.
Bank cards:
MasterCard, American Express Blue, Gold, Platinum, MasterCard Gold, Platinum.
Cost of extracts storing: