Due to recent events, in a number of countries, immigration programs for investment have ceased to work for Russian citizens. In this regard, we have prepared material for you, where you can still apply for permanent residence or a residence permit for investments in the national economy.



A country that seeks to maintain a dialogue with everyone. At the same time, it offers investment in real estate and the opportunity to obtain citizenship immediately. With an investment of 400,000 dollars or more, a foreigner receives Turkish citizenship.

The current legislation offers three options for investing in the local economy:

  • Investments in government securities, trusts, investment funds, etc. in the amount of USD 500,000 or more for a period of at least three years.
  • Creation of a Turkish company employing at least 50 local specialists whose employment contracts must include social security for a minimum of 3 years.
  • Purchase of land, residential or commercial real estate with an estimated value of at least 250,000 USD. The restriction on the sale of the acquired object is three years.



Today, Georgia has also become one of the favourite destinations for Russians. Despite the fact that Russian citizens can stay on the territory of Georgia for up to 1 year in the status of tourists, a residence permit of this state can provide additional benefits. The holder of a residence permit gets the right to run a business, open a local bank account, get cheap medical insurance, get discounts on medical services and much more. An important advantage is the opportunity to obtain tourist visas from other countries that have closed the issuance in the Russian Federation at local embassies.

The migration legislation of Georgia provides for several grounds for obtaining a residence permit, in particular through investment in the country's economy, and the purchase of the commercial or residential real estate. To apply for immigration status of Georgia, you need to buy real estate in the amount of $ 100,000. Previously, for this money, you could find good apartments in a large city.

 Now, due to rising demand, real estate prices have risen by up to 70%. It will take two to three months to issue an annual residence permit in Georgia. Together with the investor, his children, spouse or spouse participate in the program.



One of the few countries that has not imposed sanctions against Russia, which allows Russians to open a business, buy real estate. Including in the Emirates, you can get a Golden Visa for creating a business or start-up, for scientific research, professional skills. The golden visa is issued for 10 years. There is also a Green visa, which is issued to qualified personnel for 5 years.

You can get a residence permit (residence permit) in the Emirates through opening a company or acquiring real estate. Registration of a legal entity takes from 1 day, obtaining the status of a resident on this basis takes about 3 weeks. Residence permit (permit) is given for 3 years. To maintain the possibility of its extension, it is necessary to live in the country for at least 180 days a year. It should be noted that active entrepreneurial activity is not a prerequisite for the extension of resident status. Also, the status of a residence permit can be obtained through the purchase of real estate.



Another popular immigration destination among Russians is Montenegro. Local migration legislation provides for more than 10 grounds for obtaining a temporary residence permit (permit). It is worth paying attention to two options: investment in real estate or business. Including you can immediately apply for citizenship through investment.

The option of obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) through the purchase of real estate is interesting in that there is no minimum limit on the value of the object by law. At the same time, it should be taken into account that if only a share is acquired, then it must be at least 50%. As a basis for obtaining a residence permit (residence permit) under this program, a purchased land plot can act. But in this case, it should be borne in mind that this land will need to be built up.

A residence permit through business investment will be of interest to those who want to remain mobile. The fact is that if temporary residence is obtained on the basis of the purchase of real estate, then the holder of a residence permit is obliged to stay on the territory of Montenegro for at least 11 months a year.



Armenia has been developing rapidly in recent years and is currently in the TOP-50 of the Doing Business ranking. The country attracts investors from all over the world, including from Russia. Armenian legislation provides for several programs for short-term and long-term residence permits with the possibility of extension and obtaining a permanent status. The main ones are aimed at investing in real estate and the country's economy. Depending on the chosen program, the conditions for obtaining a residence permit, the requirements and the duration of the status differ.

If you are thinking of settling in Armenia, then you immediately receive the status of temporary or permanent residence. The basis for obtaining it may be study, work, family reunification, Armenian origin and others. But the most popular is opening and running your own business.

 Temporary residence status is given for up to one year with the possibility of renewal each time for a year. The fee for obtaining temporary residence status and a card is from $200 to $300.



One of the few countries that enjoys great interest and demand for Russians. Due to the fact that it is relatively easy to get a residence permit, a friendly attitude towards Russians, the absence of sanctions, a profitable place for business, a more or less understandable mentality, low costs (in comparison with other countries) for obtaining a residence permit and living.

Investments can be from 1 euro in business and no minimum threshold in real estate .



One of the most popular states in Central Asia is the Republic of Kazakhstan. You can get a residence permit in Kazakhstan using:

  • Opening your own business project.
  • Employment in one of the Kazakh firms.
  • Having entered into marriage with a citizen (citizen) of Kazakhstan.
  • Arrival in Kazakhstan for the purpose of studying at one of the universities of the country.

 A residence permit is issued for a period of 90 days to 3 years, with the possibility of its extension. Depending on the way you get it.



Cyprus permanent residence can be obtained by choosing one of three types of investments:

  • buy residential or other real estate in Cyprus;
  • acquire a share in a Cypriot company;
  • acquire a share in Cypriot private investment funds (eg AIF, AIFLNP, RAIF).

Holders of permanent residence do not need to reside in the country permanently, it is enough just to visit Cyprus once every two years. In the future, Cyprus plans to enter the Schengen area, and the presence of a Cypriot permanent residence will provide an opportunity for free visa-free travel to 26 countries of the European Union. Dual citizenship is allowed in Cyprus.

Minimum investment contribution: from 300 thousand euros.

Terms of obtaining permanent residence: from 3 months from the date of submission of documents under the program.

An application for Cypriot citizenship by naturalization can be submitted after 7 years of permanent residence.



A small state between South and North America, owning the Panama Canal, as well as offering favorable taxation (world income is not taxed) and the opportunity to obtain a residence permit for investments in real estate and business.

Depending on the chosen type of investment, you will have to invest from 160,000 US dollars.



Not the most famous country in our area, but it offers a good climate, real estate (including land and a ranch) and obtaining permanent residence immediately, without a residence permit stage.

Permanent residence in Paraguay can be obtained through a deposit! Moreover, the process of obtaining the status takes 5-6 months, instead of the "usual" 3-5 years of permanent residence in the territory of the chosen country.


The issue of citizenship and residence is becoming increasingly relevant today. Education, medicine, as well as the possibility of simple and unlimited movement around Europe are highly valued by wealthy families. In addition, a residence permit or citizenship of another state can become a more reliable guarantee of keeping investment and banking secrets.

Our specialists will answer all your questions regarding obtaining a residence permit, permanent residence and citizenship, including:

  • all the pros and cons when choosing a particular jurisdiction;
  • features of taxation and obtaining resident status;
  • features of family and inheritance law;
  • opportunities to avoid double taxation;
  • the possibility of obtaining citizenship in exchange for investment;
  • practical issues of choosing real estate, schools, universities.

Also, our lawyers will offer you a list of attractive and relevant countries of the world today for obtaining an alternative residence permit in terms of your situation and current events.