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The Kingdom of Sweden is a small Scandinavian country with a 10-million population, this is a great place for comfortable life and decent education. A wonderful country where everything is created for living, working, education. The location in the north attracts many people with its temperate climate and slow paced life. Therefore, it is no secret that most people choose Sweden both for living and their own business. Every year, the number of people wishing to immigrate to this country is growing, but not everyone succeeds in fulfilling all necessary requirements for the immigration procedure. Often, the shortcomings that arise when filling out the documents become a stumbling block.

Residence Permit In Sweden: What Is It?

A residence permit in Sweden is a plastic card; the migration service issues this document. Often, a permanent residence permit is issued for more than 90 days. But first, a temporary residence permit is issued, which you can extend annually. In order to obtain a permanent residence permit, you must have lived in the country’s territory for 5 years and passed a state language test.

How to get Swedish citizenship?
How to get Swedish citizenship?

Grounds for Moving to Sweden and Terms of Consideration

Let’s consider the main options for moving

  • Employment. If you’ve found a job in the country and decided to move, then the employer must issue you a residence permit. Swedish and EU citizens have the primary right to work, but despite that, the qualified employees have a high chance of employment in this country. To get started, you need to have at least a standard level of English and local language fluency.

    All rights and specifics of cooperation are stated in the employment contract. This ground is sufficient to obtain a residence permit for 1 year. If the contract is extended, then the residence permit is also extended.

  • Registration of the company in Sweden can also serve as the basis for obtaining a visa and residence permit.

  • Family reunification. You can be reunited not only with blood relatives, but also with a Swedish citizen if you marry. The required condition is the fact that you must provide accommodation for your relatives, including the real estate (rent, purchase of the house). The consideration period is between 9 and 20 months.

  • Education. The enrollment in the university allows you to get a Student Visa, as well as a residence permit for students. The very fact of studying on Sweden’s territory does not entail the issue of a residence permit after graduation. If the student is a foreigner, then according to the Swedish Labor Code, he can work legally during his studying period for 20 hours a week. If during the studying period, the student managed to find a permanent job or start a family, then he can freely apply for a residence permit.

  • Refugee status. This ground is the most difficult in the proof process. If the applicant manages to correctly justify his position in obtaining the refugee status, whose life or health is in danger, then in this case he may be given the right to live in Sweden and the opportunity to get a job. In addition, the applicant can receive free medical care on an equal basis with other Swedish. As confirmation of this status, you will be issued a special card. As a rule, the period for consideration of such applications takes up to one year. During this period, all candidates live in special camps for displaced persons, where they are provided with the most comfortable conditions

    It should be noted that a residence permit in the kingdom cannot be obtained when purchasing residential or commercial real estate, but you can apply for a multivisa, which will greatly simplify your life. The interesting fact is that obtaining citizenship in Sweden remains valid for life, and it is impossible to deprive of this right. What type of residence permit you will have depends only on the reasons for moving and the time you will spend in the kingdom.

Opening a business in Sweden.
Opening a business in Sweden.

Starting Your Own Business in Sweden

If you are planning to take up residence in Sweden in the near future and do not want to be a hired worker, then you may take the option of starting your own company in the country. Initially, you will need to prove the transparency and prospects of your business. The Swedish Migration Agency will want to see a detailed business plan and budget calculation that will outline your actions step-by-step. When starting your own business, you need to create jobs and pay tax to the state treasury that the Swedish authorities welcome very much.

It should be noted that the Sweden has one of the lowest tax rates among European countries. In addition, there are no requirements for the organizational form of the company.

If you have finally made sure of your wish and ability to create your own business, after approval of your application, the migration agency issues a temporary residence permit as to the entrepreneur. The document will be valid for 2 years. Upon its expiry after 2 years, you can either extend it or apply for a permanent residence permit. But at the beginning, the Swedish authorities will inspect your company’s activities and, based on the inspection results, will make the relevant decision. As a bonus you may view the fact that if you have conducted your business in accordance with Swedish law during these two years, this may already be enough to obtain a permanent residence permit.

Documents to Be Submitted for Residence Permit in Sweden

Application for a residence permit
International passport and its photocopy
2 photos
Passport of a citizen of another country
Document confirming the fee payment
Police clearance certificate from the country of origin
Proof of funds
Medical insurance (over 30 thousand euros)
Employment contract

Application Procedure for Residence Permit

You will need to submit the application to obtain a residence permit in Sweden. It can be submitted in simple paper as well as electronic form. The main difference is the speed of submission, the speed of consideration, as well as the possible payment of state duty. The payment can be made with Visa or MasterCard bank card. When applying in person, the fee can be paid immediately at the cashier desk. Subsequently, you and all your family members will need to submit biometric data.

It is important not to forget to attach the payment confirmation receipt to the set of documents you will submit. Your immediate family members will receive the mail with questions, which must be answered within 14 days. On the interview day, you must arrive on time, without any delay. In case of delay, your documents can be sent back to the migration department without consideration. Soon, the answer with your results will come to your mail. If the outcome is positive, you can pick up the residence permit card either personally or by proxy.


Sweden is the ideal country in every sense, both for life and for running your own business. Becoming the proud owner of Swedish residence permit opens up a huge number of opportunities for you, such as the unimpeded purchase of real estate not only in Sweden, but throughout the entire EU’s territory, decent level of medicine, high social security and much more.

Our lawyers at Law & Trust International will make every effort to quickly obtain the residence permit in Sweden so that you can freely run and develop your business, make profit and live in the European country. Law & Trust International has wide experience in formalizing citizenship and residence permit, you will be sure of the legality of actions, which will increase the chances of obtaining a residence permit in Sweden.


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