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Choosing a country for migration, citizens of our country are increasingly paying attention to the Czech Republic. Salaries in this state are much higher than in Poland. The Czech Republic is one of the main cultural and educational centers of the European Union. However, in order to undergo the naturalization procedure in the country, it is necessary to fulfill a number of conditions. However, the process of applying for a residence permit, and subsequently Czech citizenship, is quite simple compared to other EU states.

Features of obtaining a residence permit in the Czech Republic

The procedure, methods, and conditions for obtaining Czech citizenship and residence permit are regulated by the law O pobytu cizinců na území České republiky. The new version of the document was adopted in 2016. Unlike other EU countries, in the Czech Republic, it is impossible to obtain a residence permit or passport for the purchase of the real estate. The presence of property in the country is not a ground, but it is one of the key conditions for processing a document. However, there are other possibilities for obtaining citizenship or residence permit in a simplified manner - through marriage, family reunion, descent, etc. Since 2013, dual citizenship is allowed in the Czech Republic. Therefore, it is possible to obtain a passport in this country as a second one

What you should consider when obtaining a residence permit

Before obtaining Czech citizenship or a residence permit, the applicant needs to prepare a package of documents and an application in the prescribed form. It must include personal data, the ground for obtaining a residence permit or citizenship, the validity of a residence permit, etc. The submission of papers is carried out only in person. It is not possible to submit documents online. At this point, the consulate may interview the applicant.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit

Absence of criminal record

Documentary evidence of the absence of a current criminal record in the country of citizenship.


Minimum age is 18 years.

No violations

No visa violations in the Schengen countries.

Health insurance

You should provide valid health insurance.

Impeccable reputation

Prove that you don’t pose a threat to the Czech national security and the health of other people.

Advantages of a residence permit in the Czech Republic

Loyal business environment.
Affordable property prices.
The presence of highly qualified specialists.
Access to the educational European system.
The stable economic and political climate
Freedom of movement in the Schengen area.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit

Employment in a Czech company

Providing a residence permit on this basis implies hiring the applicant to work for a company operating in the Czech Republic. To confirm the employment relationship, it will be necessary to provide an employment contract between the employer and the employee. Several important points should be noted:

  1. The employer is responsible for the employee to state bodies and will be obliged to inform state bodies about the termination of the employment.
  2. In case of any violations by the employee, the termination of the contract is allowed unilaterally. In this situation, a foreign citizen must find a new job in a very short time (3 days), otherwise, he will need to leave the Czech Republic.

Availability of business in the Czech Republic

The country provides a residence permit for foreign citizens doing business in the Czech Republic. The applicant can establish a company (analog of LLC) or obtain a license of a private entrepreneur. More details about company registration can be found in the company registration in the Czech Republic section.

Registration of marriage with a citizen of the Czech Republic

A few years ago, registration of marriage with a Czech citizen allowed obtaining citizenship but a large number of fictitious marriages led to the abolition of this provision. Now, on the ground of marriage, the spouse can obtain a residence permit. An application for citizenship becomes possible only after three years, during which the couple is under the supervision of the relevant authorities. If the migration service finds out that the marriage is fictitious, the foreign citizen is subject to deportation. The divorce during this period entails the obligation to leave the country.

Family reunion

For foreign citizens who have relatives in the Czech Republic and can prove it, registration of a residence permit in the Czech Republic does not cause difficulties in most cases. Children under the age of 18, spouses, parents over 65 can use this reason.

The list of documents for obtaining a residence permit

Photocopy of the passport.
Certificate of good conduct.
Confirmation of the address of residence in the Czech Republic.
Confirmation of the availability of funds in the bank account.
Documentary evidence of one of the grounds for obtaining a residence permit.
Health insurance.
Health certificate.
Two photographs 3.5 x 4.5 cm.

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