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Residence Permit in Spain

Spain is one of the leading countries in the European Union. This state successfully combines production, agriculture and the tourism industry. A high standard of living attracts many citizens of our country who wish to obtain a residence permit, and then Spanish citizenship.

The constitution of the state allows any person to apply for a residence permit and passport. However, in order to get the coveted document, you need to fulfill a number of requirements. The process of obtaining a residence permit and fulfilling the conditions for obtaining Spanish citizenship takes a lot of time. It is better to entrust the procedure to professionals.

Residence permit with or without the right of employment

Before obtaining Spanish citizenship, you must first obtain a residence permit. For this reason, it is easiest to apply for a country passport. It is important to know that a residence permit can be with or without a right to employment. If you plan to work in Spain, you must get a document with a resolution of three types:

  • for business;
  • for contract work;
  • EU blue card.

Unemployment in Spain is high, therefore, obtaining a residence permit with the right to reside and work is not so difficult.

What documents are needed for a residence permit?

Registration of a residence permit in Spain requires the provision of a specific package of documents. It includes:

  • application in the prescribed form;
  • identification;
  • confirmation of the grounds.

The confirmation is provided depending on the selected method. If you are preparing a marriage document, you need to submit a marriage certificate. If you are applying for a residence permit, you need confirmation in the appropriate electronic system (all major transactions in Spain are conducted online, through a bank), etc.

The law firm Law & Trust will help you obtain a residence permit and Spanish citizenship. We will help you prepare all the necessary documents and represent your interests in the government.

Conditions for obtaining a residence permit


Absence of EU citizenship.

No criminal record

Documentary evidence of the absence of a previous criminal record in the country of citizenship.


over 18 years old.

No bans

No bans on entry into Spain and the territorial space of countries with which Spain has signed an agreement in this regard.

Health insurance

Availability of a health insurance policy.


Payment of state fees for obtaining permission.

Advantages of obtaining a residence permit in Spain

Accommodation and travel without borders in 27 countries of the Schengen area.
Creating a company in a modern and competitive corporate tax system.
Residence permits for financially independent individuals and their families.
Obtaining a residence and work permit is subject to the conclusion of an employment contract in Spain.

Grounds for obtaining a residence permit

Program for foreign investors

By investing in the economy in Spain, the investor can count on obtaining a visa for a period of 1 year, as well as on obtaining a residence permit for a period of up to 2 years with the possibility of subsequent renewal. A prerequisite is the availability of confirmation of current investments. The investments must meet the minimum required amount:

  • Real estate investment: 500,000 euros
  • Investments in Spanish business projects: there is no minimum investment threshold for this type of investment. The value of such an investment will be evaluated as a whole as a project of public interest.
  • Investments in financial assets:
    1. Public debt (2,000,000 euros);
    2. Shares and equity in companies with Spanish capital (1,000,000 euros);
    3. Investment funds, investment funds of closed joint-stock companies, venture funds established in Spain (1,000,000 euros);
    4. Bank deposits in Spanish financial institutions (1,000,000 euros).

Program for foreign entrepreneurs

An entrepreneur can count on obtaining a residence permit subject to the conduct of an innovative business, which may be of particular economic interest to Spain.

The business owner will need to provide a business plan for the project, which will assess the economic interest of Spain. The project will be evaluated by the General Directorate for International Trade and Investment (Dirección General de Comercio Internacional e Inversiones). The main criteria for the project and professional profile are:

  • Education and professional experience, as well as direct participation in the project;
  • The business plan should include the project description, product description, market analysis, financing;
  • Value-added, an indicator reflecting the contribution to the Spanish economy.

Program for financially independent individuals

Permits to live in Spain without performing labor activities are possible subject to confirmation of the availability of sufficient financial resources for the requested period of residence to cover the costs of stay and return. An advantage is a fact that the applicant's family can also live with the applicant. The costs of staying in Spain are as follows:

  • For the applicant, the monthly minimum amount is 2160 euros;
  • To ensure the residence of each of his relatives, the monthly amount is 540 euros.

For those who apply for the residence permit, the annual amount must be at least 25,920 euros. For the applicant and his spouse, it will be necessary to show a confirmation in the amount of at least 33,000 euros per year.

The basic list of documents for obtaining a residence permit

Photocopy of the passport.
Three photographs 3.5 х 4.5 cm.
A document confirming the availability of funds necessary for the stay.
Certificate of good conduct.
Health certificate.
Documentary evidence of one of the grounds for obtaining a residence permit.

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