виза в оаэ

Lawyers of Law&Trust International offer assistance to their clients in obtaining various types of visas in the United Arab Emirates. Jurisdiction is attractive from the point of view of permanent residence, as well as tourism, and interest in the jurisdiction only deepens every year due to the foregoing direction.

There are two main groups of visas: long-term and short-term visas.

A short-term visa is usually necessary for a tourist who plans to visit the UAE, and the foregoing visa is issued for the term of up to thirty days and can be prolonged for another thirty days. But the prolongation should be justified, for example, if medical treatment is needed in the UAE. Transit visa can also be referred to the group of short-term visas, and it is issued for 96 hours.

A long-term visa is issued for the purpose of permanent residence in the United Arab Emirates. This group includes a work visa, or a visa obtained through the registration of a business or the acquisition of real estate.

Concerning the issue of short-term visas, it is worth noting that before visiting the UAE, it is recommended to begin visa processing in advance.

Who does not need to pre-process a short-term visa in the UAE?

You do not need to obtain a visa in advance if you are a citizen of the following countries:

1. Andorra;
2. Australia;
3. Austria;
4. Belgium;
5. Brunei;
6. Canada;
7. Denmark;
8. Finland;
9. France;
10. Germany;
11. Greece;
12. The Netherlands;
13. Iceland;
14. Ireland;
15. Italy;
16. Japan;
17. Liechtenstein;
18. Luxembourg;
19. Malaysia;
20. Monaco;
21. New Zealand;
22. Norway;
23. Portugal;
24. San Marino;
25. Singapore;
26. Spain;
27. Sweden;
28. Switzerland;
29. Great Britain;
30. United States of America;
31. The Vatican.

For the above citizens, a short-term visa is granted upon arrival in the UAE for a period of up to 60 days.

Refusal in granting visa can occur in the event the person has violated the norm of legislation during the previous visit of the territory of Emirates. In addition, the person who is a citizen of the country, which is listed in the countries with which the UAE has restrictions on entry, can be refused in granting visa.

There is less popular and requested subtype of a short-term visa, such as a multi-entry visa. Such visa is issued for six months, but due to its relatively high cost it is actually not in demand.

In order to obtain a short-term visa, it is necessary to provide a copy of passport, photo of the ticket, photo of the hotel reservation.