Nationality of Antigua and Barbuda

1. Work and residence in the country for 7 years

Finding a job in this country is quite difficult, since the government in every possible way protects the domestic market from the influx of foreign citizens. But, if the employer agrees to employ you, you need an annual confirmation of the workplace. To obtain a work permit, you must provide a number of documents:

  • a properly issued application for employment;
  • a copy of the necessary pages of the passport, certified by a notary;
  • a detailed description of the vacancy;
  • an extract on the absence of criminal record from the previous place of residence, which must be submitted for consideration to the commission of a free trade zone.

2. Joint residence in lawful marriage with a citizen of the country for at least 3 years.

In view of the fact that the country is small, it is quite difficult to find a worthy option. At the same time, authorities closely monitor such couples, revealing fictitious relations. In case of disclosure, deportation from the country and prohibition of further visits can be applied.

3. Acquisition of real estate

Before buying real estate it is necessary to obtain approval of the authorities in each particular variant. The cost of real estate should not be less than 400 thousand dollars, in addition, you will have to invest in local business about $ 1.5 million, or there is a variant of investing money in the state fund in a donation format, which is 250 thousand dollars.

Before you buy real estate, you need to hire an agent approved by the authorities and having the appropriate license. Such an agent will represent your interests when preparing and submitting documents for obtaining citizenship. In addition to all the costs, it will be necessary to pay a state fee of 50,000 dollars and pass a due diligence procedure are reliability screening, which amounts to $ 7,500. It will take 4-5 months to wait for the consideration of the request.

The citizenship of Antigua and Barbuda makes it possible to travel the world without obtaining Schengen visas. Revenues received outside the country are not taxed.

This country does not require the renunciation of the citizenship of your country.


Citizenship of Bulgaria

1. Residence in Bulgaria in the status of temporary residence permit and permanent residence permit for 10 years

You must live five years in the country with the status of temporary residence permit (study, work or business), then 5 years after receiving permanent residence permit. The most popular option is the opening of your business, since there is a large percentage of unemployment in the country and finding a suitable job is quite difficult. Plus, you need to know the Bulgarian language, courses will help to learn it.

2. Investments in the state fund or business.

This option is the least painless, but suited only to wealthy people. To obtain residence permit, donations are necessary to the state fund in the amount of 300 thousand euros plus investments for 5 years in the amount of 512 thousand euro. If you invest the same amount for another three years, citizenship can be obtained in two years. The advantage is that it is not necessary to know the Bulgarian language and reside in the country.

Bulgarian citizenship allows you to freely stay and work in any country in Europe, and it is much easier to obtain visa to the United States or Canada.


Nationality of Hungary

1. Work in the country or marriage with a Hungarian citizen

Hungary is one of the developed countries of Europe with a rich history. Therefore, it is possible to find work in this country, but knowledge of Hungarian or English will be an obligatory prerequisite. In the status of residence permit, permanent residence permit, you need to live in the country for at least 8 years. When you get married with a Hungarian citizen, you need to live together for 3 years. In this case, you can obtain citizenship in 6 years.

2. Investing in government bonds

It is possible to buy back bonds worth 300 thousand euros from the state with a refund in 5 years. In this case, you can not immediately get citizenship, but obtaining permanent residence permit for five years and further submission of documents for citizenship are quite real.

This option does not oblige to live in the country, providing the possibility to visit the countries of the Eurozone every six months, and also to visit Canada, Australia, the USA and other countries of the world without a visa.


Nationality of Panama

You can obtain citizenship in Panama in various ways. These are investment in the economy of the country, and marriage with a citizen of Panama. However, you need to live in the country in the first case for at least five years, and in the second 3 years are enough. But there is one more option.

1. Citizenship by investing funds in a deposit with a bank

This will require approximately 230 thousand dollars, which are taken by the bank to the deposit account for certain interest. At the same time, interest from the deposit is subject to withdrawal, and the contribution itself can not be removed within five years. After five years, on this basis, you can send a request for citizenship, or refuse it.


Citizenship of Portugal

It is possible to become a citizen of Portugal if a foreign citizen has lived in a country with a permanent residence status for five years, and a year later he/she can file a request for citizenship. A prerequisite for citizenship is the knowledge of the Portuguese language, as well as the absence of criminal record.

The main opportunities for obtaining temporary residence permit, permanent residence permit are work (demand is only for specialists with high qualifications and higher education in the country) or running own business in the country (10 jobs are required to be provided for local citizens).

Despite the high unemployment rate, getting a job in Portugal is much easier than, for example, in Spain, as the influx of foreigners to Portugal is much lower.

In Portugal, dual citizenship is allowed.


Nationality of Singapore

Singapore is one of the most attractive countries for residence, and, accordingly, obtaining citizenship. There are several ways for doing the foregoing.

1. Work or own business

The employer in Singapore can be interested in highly qualified specialists with the highest profile education and work experience in own field. Salary can not be less than 2,5 thousand dollars a month. If these conditions are met, you can get a temporary residence permit for 2 years, and permanent residence permit after 6 months. After 2 years, you can send a request for obtaining citizenship of the country.

In Singapore, there are quite attractive conditions for doing business, but the authorities must be convinced of the need for this type of activity, so the business plan must be drawn up at a high level.

Often, residence permit or citizenship is not granted from the first time, so you will have to wait 5-6 years before the authorities decide to recognize you as a citizen of the country.

2. Investment in the economy of the country

Contribution of investments into the economy of the country assumes the depositing of 2.5 million Singapore dollars (1 965 000 dollars) in the most promising sectors of the economy (medicine, engineering, energy, transport, electronics, etc.), or in own business, provided that turnover of the company should account for more than 20 million a year over the past three years.

In this case, residence permit can be obtained quickly, with the citizenship of the country can be obtained after 2 years.

In Singapore, only one citizenship is accepted, so you will have to renunciate from your country's citizenship.

Important incentive for obtaining the citizenship of Singapore can be the fact that with the passport of this country it is possible to travel to such countries as the USA, South America, Africa, Canada, the United Kingdom and all European countries.


Saint Kitts and Nevis

The citizenship of this country can be obtained in two ways.

1. Investments into the country

To invest in the country it is enough to pay 250 thousand dollars to certain funds. At the same time, citizenship can be obtained within six months. The passport must be renewed every ten years.

2. Acquisition of real estate

In this country there is an opportunity to obtain citizenship through the purchase of real estate, in which it is necessary to invest at least $ 400 thousand. After 5 years, this property can be sold, but with the help of an agent whose activities are confirmed by the government of the country.

In the country, dual citizenship is allowed.


Nationality of Malta

Malta, as is known, is a member of the European Union since 2004, therefore, having a passport of this country, it is possible without problems to travel or work in any country of Europe. You can also visit such countries as Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, etc.

There are not many options for obtaining the citizenship of Malta. This is usually an investment.

First of all, you need to buy real estate worth at least 350 thousand euros, then invest in the amount of 150 thousand euros in government bonds, as well as transfer a donation to the state fund in the amount of 650 thousand euros. With this investment option, citizenship is granted after 12 months.

Real estate and government bonds can not be put into circulation for 5 years.

At the same time, dual citizenship is accepted in the country and it is not necessary to live there.

There is another option for obtaining Maltese citizenship. To do this, it is necessary to live in a country with a resident status of at least 5 years, but the authorities, as a rule, refuse to grant citizenship for such persons, and it is necessary to wait for a long time, sometimes even 18 years.


Nationality of Cyprus

Cyprus offers the same opportunities for its citizens, like other EU countries. It is only required to obtain visa for visiting the USA, but for citizens of Cyprus it is much easier than for Russians.

There are several options for obtaining the citizenship of Cyprus.

1. Residing with the status of permanent residence permit for 7 years

2. Investing in the economy or buying real estate.

The most effective option in this case is the purchase of real estate worth at least 2.5 million euros. It is possible to obtain the citizenship of Cyprus in this case after 3 months.

The country permits dual citizenship.

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