Recently, foreigners can get a residence permit and work permit under the accelerated procedure thanks to the EU Blue Card. This document provides a residence permit for highly qualified persons from third countries planning to work in the EU. The EU Blue Card is available in all EU member states, with the exception of Denmark, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, which have not joined the program.

Each of the EU countries independently determines a list of relevant professions and areas where highly qualified foreigners are in demand. In the labor market, there is always a demand for the following industries: exact sciences, natural sciences, medicine, law, industries.

To receive the EU Blue Card, you must meet the following requirements:

  • confirm completed higher education;

  • provide contact with the employer or an offer from the employer for at least 1 year;

  • provide a certificate of no criminal record.

  • confirm at least five years of relevant professional experience (additional requirement);

  • provide medical insurance;

  • one of the key conditions - a foreigner must be a highly paid employee in the territory of his country with a salary of 1.5 times higher than the national average.

There are countries whose citizens are not given the opportunity to receive an EU Blue Card. For example, citizens of Curacao and the Azores are already considered EU citizens, therefore they cannot apply and participate in the program. Also, refugees, political refugees or persons requesting this status cannot apply for the EU Blue Card.

The term for processing an application for a Blue Card is about 12 weeks. In our practice, in the case of a positive decision, the notification can be received earlier - in 8-9 weeks.

Having received the EU Blue Card, the holder:

  • may stay in the territory of countries outside the EU for one year (without losing a card) for tourism, leisure, training;

  • can travel to other countries of the Schengen area for up to 90 days, within 180 days as a tourist;

  • may apply for a family reunion. The spouse gets the opportunity to simplify the process of moving: to receive a residence permit in conjunction with a work permit, but without providing contact with the employer and knowledge of the language;

  • receives rights under equal working conditions and wages on a par with citizens of European Union countries;

  • can apply for permanent residence by the end of 21 months if the requirements are met. For example, in Germany, you can apply for permanent residence in case you have worked in a highly qualified post for more than 33 months and have sufficient knowledge of the German language (level B1).

There are cases when applications for an EU Blue Card can be rejected for several reasons:

  • Subject to a shortage of skilled workers in the applicant’s country of citizenship, resulting in a “brain drain”;

  • Provided that the employer is associated with fraudulent activities;

  • Subject to the provision of fictitious documents;

  • Provided that the candidate does not meet the necessary conditions;

  • In case that citizens of the selected country, EU citizens or third-country nationals already residing in the desired host state may take up this position;

  • Subject to a threat to public policy, security or health.

The validity of the EU Blue Card is from 1 to 4 years, depending on the duration of the contract with the employer. If the contract has expired, you must enter into a new contract with the employer within 2 months.

EU Blue Card provides an excellent opportunity to obtain a residence permit and work permits with a simplified and easy procedure. The full range of advantages of living in the EU with the same rights that EU citizens have is opened to cardholders.

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