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Are you interested in registration of offshore companies in Poland?

The Republic of Poland is not an offshore jurisdiction, but it enables business of non-residents to grow and develop rapidly.

Many foreign offshore companies open their branches in Poland.

List of persons having the same rights to business in the jurisdiction as its citizens is filed in Art. 13 of the Law "On Freedom of Economic Activity":

  1. Foreign persons from EU member states and European countries that have signed the Free Trade Agreement (European Free Trade Association or EFTA).
  2. Citizens of other states not included in clause 1, who have a valid Card of a Pole, temporary residence permit, are granted with temporary protection or received a refugee status, as well as persons who married a Polish citizen.

The Law restricts the choice of organizational and legal form for non-residents not included in the list.

Is it possible to register offshore companies in Poland?

Offshore companies in Poland can not exist and operate, but there is a preferential taxation system in the country.

Main types of organizational and legal forms:

  1. Jednoosobowa działalność gospodarczą (individual entrepreneur).
  2. Sp. z o.o. (Limited Liability Company).
  3. S.A. (Open Joint Stock Company).

Registration of a company in Poland - in CEIDG (Central Register of Economic Activities) or KRS (National Court Register) - can be carried out in a traditional way (filling out and filing a package of documents with the competent authorities) or via the Internet.

Online company registration in Poland

To compile an online application, you need an electronic signature and a trusted ePUAP profile.

Electronic identification will be useful not only for registration, but also for subsequent remote management of activities. You can suspend its activity and renew it, keep correspondence with the state administrative authorities, including the tax service and the ZUS (Social Insurance Administration).

If there are more than 5 employees in the staff, electronic correspondence with the state administrative institutions is mandatory.

Registration of a company in Poland for non-residents has own peculiarities in case of opening a branch: a subsidiary can operate only in the same sphere as a parent company.

NIP number (taxpayer’s ID number) will be automatically assigned for your branch immediately after the data is entered in the CRPKEP (Central Register of Legal Entities of the National Register of Taxpayers), confirming your status of a payer of certain insurance contribution.

Requirements for a company's accounting statements in Poland:

  1. Sp. z o.o. and S.A. keep full accounting records.
  2. Other companies must maintain accounting after exceeding the corresponding lim it amount (2 000 000 EUR) from the sale of goods, products and financial transactions for previous financial year.
  3. Documentation in Polish.

You can clarify the cost of registering a company in Poland with Law&Trust’s specialists, provided that you expressed your intentions and preferences.

Offshore in Poland: Taxation

When registering a business, consider that Poland is a preferential taxation jurisdiction, so a company will not be considered as offshore one.

Forms of taxation:

  1. Tax card.
  2. A lump sum (non-recurrent amount) of registered income.
  3. Fixed tax.
  4. Income tax for natural persons, based on general principles.
  5. Corporate income tax.

The rate of income tax depends on the registry — CEIDG or KRS.

Cost of registering a company in Poland

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