The cost of opening an account: From 890 EUR

General information

Name:Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong

Hong Kong

Faunded:1 859
History:History of the bank in Hong Kong began in 1859, when The Chartered Bank of India, Australia and China opened its branch in the dependency. In 1927, the bank obtained offices of British P&O Bank (including in Hong Kong and Canton). In 2000, Standard Chartered acquired the retail business of the American Chase Manhattan Bank in Hong Kong, including Chase Manhattan Card Company.
Shareholders:The bank is part of the British banking group Standard Chartered.


Terms of opening for admission (days):14
Opening terms for cancellation (days):30
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Personal, corporate
Types of accounts:settlement, deposit; there is a separate account for each currency.
Departure to the bank:Visiting the bank is required
Required documents:Standard set of documents
Account opening, probability:There is a possibility
Particularities during account opening:When opening an account in Standard Chartered Bank, at least 2 directors of the company (or one director if there is only one director in the company), major shareholders and all of the authorized signatories of the account should be personally present



Balance, minimum:10 000 €
Limit of transfers (per month):No information
An initial fee :1 000 €
Transaction speed:2-3 business days

Services and costs

Cost of translation:Outgoing / incoming transfer - HK$ 200/55
Cost of enrollment:No information
Cost of account maintenance:HK$ 200/55 per month
Credit card restrictions:No information
Insurance for credit cards:No information
Access to the account:Methods for managing bank accounts: the system Straight2Bank (bank-client program); Online Banking; sending of payment orders by mail; fax with using of code words.
Bank services:Crediting, fiduciary services, documentary operations, safe boxes.
Bank cards:VISA, MasterCard.
Cost of extracts storing:Free
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Select Bank's namesort descending Price of account opening Established
DBS BANK 1450 EUR 1999
HSBC Bank (HK) PLC 1200 EUR 1865
Standard Chartered Bank Hong Kong 890 EUR 1859
Wing Lung Bank 1500 EUR 1933