How to open a business in the USA?

Business in the USAThe United States of America is the only country in the world, which does not need to be advertised. The United States has a powerful economy competing with China. American goods are delivered to the immediate neighbours, to Latin America, they can be found in significant amounts in Europe, Africa, and in the west of the Eurasian continent. Practically everyone dreams to fulfil the American dream by making efforts to achieve successful well-being.

Business in the USA

USA is a young state. Currently the North American state has developed into a superpower. Its legislation, focused on economic development and competing with China, is aimed at attracting foreign investment.

Business in America has the following features and advantages, although it is similar to many of its European counterparts:

  1. Stable legal system;
  2. Low level of corruption;
  3. Lack of bureaucracy;
  4. Support of the government in the form of numerous programs to attract foreign investors;
  5. High level of well-being;
  6. Excellent infrastructure;
  7. Highly qualified staff;
  8. Confidentiality;
  9. International reputation;
  10. Probability to obtain Green Card.

Establishment of Business in the USA

In the USA new companies are set up every minute. Thousands of private entrepreneurs aspiring to establish business in the USA, pay attention to the form of the company that corresponds to their goals most of all.

The following most optimal forms of companies that characterize a successful business in America should be noted:

  1. Individual enterprise.
    • The founder is usually one person or a spouse. He  is liable for the company obligations with personal property.
  2. Limited Partnership.
    • It requires the presence of at least one main partner, who meets unlimited obligations of the company and at least one partner with limited liability restricted by the amount of investments in the authorized capital.
  3. Partnership with unlimited liability.
    • This type is established by at least 2 individuals or legal entities. Profit is shared between partners who bear personal responsibility.
  4. Corporation corresponding to subsection «C».
    • This type is used in case of a large company. Shareholders do not bear personal liability, observing corporate restrictions. In the event of violation, the liability extends to the property of shareholders. A two-stage tax system applies.
  5. Corporation corresponding to subsection «S».
    • Almost similar to the corporation corresponding to subsection C, but the tax system is applied like in the case of partnership.
  6. Limited liability company.
    • The most favourable to small or medium business. This type combines taxation peculiar to partnership and individual enterprise. Damages apply to participants.

Given the strict state supervision over the payment of taxes and respect for the protection of the interests of the consumer, you should carefully deal with the tax regime of the country before establishing business in the USA.

Registration of Business in the USA

A distinctive feature of American corporate law is the absence of need to prepare constituent documents at the time of company registration. In the United States constituent documents are formed exclusively for the needs of the company.

Constructively, registration of business in the United States is carried out in the following stages:

  1. Application to the state secretary. The form and content often differ in various states. Certificate of registration with a corporate certificate is issued by a secretary after he has ensured that other companies with identical name are absent in that state,
  2. Obtaining a tax payer registration number by filling out a special form,
  3. Registration in the social insurance authorities,
  4. Certain types of activities require a license or permit,
  5. Opening a bank account,
  6. Publication of the company registration newsletter.

Registration of business in the United States does not exceed 30 days, but the states stipulate different deadlines and lists of required registration documents. Competent lawyers will not miss such details.

Frequently the most convenient way to buy business in the United States with minimum efforts is to apply to qualified specialists. In this matter you will need a visa. Visas are divided into 2 main:

  1. Working visa.
  2. For the purpose to manage a company.

The abovementioned visas are not immigration visas and do not relate directly to immigration, but they allow you to buy and manage business in the United States. The main requirement for issuing visa involves sufficient financial resources confirming the intentions of the applicant. Submission of information for obtaining a visa requires responsible approach, since data fraud can block entry into America forever.

Buying business is a serious step. Thus, you should first weigh the risks and preferences.

Small Business in America

American small business plays a huge role. Millions of small enterprises are established in the country. Statistics shows that small business in America is launched with its own funds at about 90%, without huge financial injections (approximately $ 1,500 - $ 6,000). Frequently the company's office is located on the territory of residence.

Small business is characterized by following features:

  1. Employees  staff does not exceed 500,
  2. Amount of assets does not exceed $ 5,000,000,
  3. Profit in the reporting period does not exceed $ 2,000,000.

Essentially, small business in America is similar to large, namely by the ability to take advantage of numerous government lending programs, as well as by preferential tax treatment.

Contact our competent professionals. Preparation of detailed and qualified advice will help to organize your own business faster. Establishing and buying business in America with the help of experts is a simple procedure.