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Investment license in Belize

License for investment activities in Belize or Foreign Exchange License gives the applicant counterparty the opportunity to carry out the following operations in the territory of the jurisdiction:

  • Providing brokerage services to local clients and non-residents, including for multicurrency transactions;
  • Trading on the market of securities and shares;
  • Granting loans to clients and providing services for collective financial maintenance;
  • Engaging in insurance activities, management and/or protection of assets.

Obtaining investment license in Belize is carried out in the special institution that is the Commission for international financial services of the state.

Applying for the certificate involves submitting application and full package of documentation, as well as fulfilling a number of conditions and compliance with the requirements of the jurisdiction.

Obtaining investment license in Belize

Only legal entity can make application. For such category of counterparties as natural persons, it is necessary to register company in Belize before the application is submitted to the country's financial regulation commission.

The corporation should meet the following requirements:

  • 1. The amount of the authorized capital shall be 100 thousand dollars and more, and the exact amount depends on the specific scope of activity of the enterprise. The contribution can be made before the application is submitted, and after the license is approved, the specified amount is reserved on the account of the counterparty up to the end of the validity period of the certificate for investment activity. Withdrawals of funds from the account are possible, subject to the availability of capital in excess of $ 100,000.
    2. Settlement account is required to be opened in one of the banks of Belize. This is a mandatory requirement of the commission on international financial services, and also gives a lot of opportunities in obtaining other types of licenses.
    3. Investment certificate is issued only to those beneficiary applicants who are able to confirm their own work experience in the financial sector. Availability of specialized education will be an advantage for the counterparty.
    4. Before submitting the application for license, investment company should provide business strategy for its development. The more perspectives the corporation has, the more chances are available for prompt licensing by the commission's experts.

The cost of investment license in Belize

In addition to contribution of the authorized capital to the company's account, the counterparty should pay fee for consideration in the amount of $ 1,500. Regardless of the decision of the expert commission, this amount is not refundable. The annual fee for use of the license varies from 2.5 to 5 thousand US dollars. These are mandatory fees, and  the application can not be submitted without those contributions.

Separately from the above amounts, the services of our law firm are paid. The company Law&Trust offers to look through our price list on the site, and it is possible to clarify the details about the price policy during free consultation with the lawyer by phone or mail.

The complex of services rendered by our specialists allows to register company, open bank account and obtain investment license through one application.


The counterparty should provide a copy of the passport, application forms and power of attorney to our lawyer. All other tasks are accomplished by the specialist, and the client constantly receives information about the progress of the process and the results obtained.

Professional lawyers are engaged in collecting and complementing the package of documents, preparing forms for transfer to the commission of Belize upon translating them into English.

All documentation is verified for compliance with foreign regulations and existence of legal mistakes.

The counterparty must provide a copy of the passport, application forms and a power of attorney for our lawyer. All other tasks are performed by our specialist, the client constantly receives information about the process and the results obtained.
Law & Trust professional lawyers collect and complete a set of documents, prepare applications for transmission to the Belize commission by translating them into English. All documentation is checked for compliance with foreign regulations and legal errors. Contact our company, and our specialists will take on the tasks of obtaining an investment license in Belize!

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