Opening a bank account in Belize

It is cost-efficient to have bank account in Belize both for natural person and legal entity. The process of opening a bank account in Belize depends on the aims.

Opening bank account in Belize offers a number of advantages:

  • Bank secrecy: it is possible to obtain information about the owner of funds only by the court decision;
  • The country has agreements on the impossibility of double taxation with Great Britain, Denmark and Sweden.

There is no need to visit Belize to open bank account. Our company carries out registration without personal presence of the client.

Features of banking services in Belize

Minimum balance:

The mandatory minimum amount on the account is from 1000 to 3000 euros, depending on the bank.

Payment cards:

When using debit cards, funds are debited from the account. Possession of cards gives such advantages as:

1. 24-hour access to your own Internet bank account;

2. Possibility to make payment online;

3. Debiting the funds all over the world at ATMs.


It is possible to keep money in dollars, euros and pounds sterling. The cards are issued in USD and EUR.

Time required to open the account:

The Bank carries out opening of account in Belize from 2 to 5 working days after processing all documents and verifying the client's personal data.

Documents required to open bank account in Belize

For legal entity:

1. International passport of the beneficial owner/account manager;
2. Document confirming the work experience of the beneficial owner in the sphere of the company's activities;
3. Document confirming the property status of the beneficial owner (salary, dividends);
4. CV;
5. TIN Certificate;
6. Receipt for payment of utility services from and addressed to the beneficial owner (not older than 3 months) in order to confirm the address of residence;
7. Corporate documents of the company.

For individual:

1. Certified copies of your national identity document and international passport;
2. Recommendations from the bank;
3. Confirmation of the origin of funds;
4. CV.

When compiling business plan, it is possible to indicate the types of activities of the company with description of their goals, business model, and planned turnover of funds.

The lawyers of Law&Trust International can help to open bank account in Belize.

Belize: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Heritage International Bank 450 USD 1998
Belize Bank International 450 USD 1987
Caye International Bank Ltd. 450 USD 2003