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Brokerage license in Belize

In order to obtain brokerage license in Belize, a person should examine the regulations of this jurisdiction, as well as the procedure for certification of new company.

The country's regulatory authority is the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC) that imposes different requirements on organizations depending on the number of their financial instruments, specific focus of the scope of activity and other factors.

Specialists of Law&Trust International undertake all the obligations to advise the client in legal matters, as well as collect and prepare documentation for its submission to the commission for obtaining license for carrying out financial activities in Belize, including obtaining forex license in Belize.

Obtaining Brokerage Forex license in Belize


    1. . An application from the counterparty shall be submitted to the International Financial Services Commission of Belize. The application can be on behalf of a citizen of the country or a non-resident. It is possible to compile application by the individual, but a certificate is issued only to local corporate applicants, which leads to the necessity of registering company in the territory of the state.
      2. Established firm of the client may be both separate organization and representative office of already existing business. Legal form of the enterprise is equated with limited liability company.
      3. Legislative regulation of Belize allows to quickly pay back all the costs for licensing, but before you bring the company to the market, it is necessary to contribute the share capital. The amount of transfer of finance to the bank account of local economic entity depends on the scope of activities of the enterprise.
      4. Submission of the package of documents for obtaining brokerage license in Belize requires the following:

    • Personal data of managers and shareholders of the investment company;
    • Confirmation of the qualifications of the managers of the organization;
    • Account statements from the client's bank account confirming the availability of funds of the authorized capital;
    • Business plan of the company for 5 years;
    • Receipts for payment of the state fee.

You can clarify the IFSC requirements for the amount of the authorized capital, approximate amounts of state fees and contributions in the following summary table (please pay attention to the fact that the amounts may vary).

Type of activity

State fee

Annual fee

Amount of the charter capital

Forex activity

$ 500 USD

$ 5000 USD

$ 100000 USD

Brokerage and consulting services

$ 500 USD

$ 2500 USD

$ 25000 USD

License for trading in the markets

$ 500 USD

$ 5000 USD

$ 100000 USD

License for asset management

$ 500 USD

$ 2500 USD

$ 25000 USD

Licensing of brokerage activities in Belize requires the applicant to fulfill all the requirements of the jurisdiction. Specific rules exist both for the office of the enterprise and for its management. In order to manage the company, it is better to employ managers from among local qualified specialists, but the jurisdiction does not insist on employing its citizens.

Verification of the personnel for compliance with the positions held, as well as elaboration of business plan for submission to the Commission are carried out personally by the applicant. The applicant should also submit copy of his passport and power of attorney for representation of the client's interests by our company.

The process of registering new company, opening account and obtaining brokerage license in Belize can take up to 2 months along with preparation of the package of documents.

The cost of brokerage license in Belize

Belize is considered as offshore jurisdiction, and in view of the foregoing simplified system of the taxation for non-residents operates there. Further, the abovementioned fact will help to avoid unnecessary expenses.

However, all brokers conducting activities in the territory of the country are required to be annually audited and submit reporting on income under the normal procedure. Our company offers accounting maintenance services to businesses after their establishment and licensing.

Thus, the cost of obtaining brokerage license in Belize consists of the cost for company registration, obtaining license and accounting maintenance of the activities of the client’s company. The exact cost of the company's services is specified during consultation and depends on the planned activity of the client.


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