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SDL License In Vanuatu: What Is It and How To Obtain The Document

SDL-licensing combines advantages from obtaining Forex and dealer certificate simultaneously. The presence of the document makes it possible to trade in stock markets using foreign currency, purchase and sell bonds and securities, and legally manage the clients' investment portfolios.

Our specialists recommend such license to be issued for all the companies engaged in investing in securities.

Obtaining SDL license in Vanuatu is possible due to cooperation with Law & Trust company. Our specialists guarantee efficiency, quality and economy when issuing.

All clients are offered with free consultation on the essential issues, as well as constant assistance of business abroad after its establishment and certification.

Who can obtain SDL license in Vanuatu

Our experts cooperate with residents of all countries. Licensing is necessary for providers and dealers working in the field of Forex, options, securities and miscellaneous. Since the beginning of 2016, the country's legislation has changed, according to those changes each applicant is required to confirm that he is in compliance with the paragraph of the AML/CTF Act of Vanuatu.

This regulation stipulates the reporting framework for control over the laundering of finance and other illegal processes in the country.

SDL license

Since only the person registered as eligible for reporting can obtain SDL license in Vanuatu, it is necessary to perform the following actions:


  • Determine the conditions for opening accounts for clients. The management of the applicant company is obliged to check all of its clients, set action limits, and report regarding all suspicious processes and transactions to the superior authority.
  • Assign the person responsible for compliance with all requirements of the country's legislation. The employee can be the director of the company, is entitled to hold shares of the enterprise, can be non-resident of Vanuatu, but he is obliged to thoroughly monitor all the violations. If lack of conformity to the position held is detected, the employee will be personally liable.

  • Provide permanent training for the workforce in accordance to AML/CTF standards. New employees shall undergo obligatory stage of training. Those knowledgeable about information should be constantly tested for professional integrity.

  • The company planning to obtain SDL license in Vanuatu is obliged to be familiarized with all the penalties related to non-fulfillment of obligations under the above-mentioned regulations.

    The main condition is the authorized capital in the amount of 50,000 USD.

Apply for consultation of our specialists: for your convenience, a lot of communication channels have been created starting from chat to personal conversation in the office. Your application is processed immediately after its receipt by the lawyer, which guarantees promptness. Our experience is guaranteeing your rapid licensing according to SDL system in Vanuatu.

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