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Brokerage license in Panama

The specialists of Law&Trust offer clients comprehensive legal support when registering a brokerage license in Panama. We work with natural persons and legal entities irrespective of their citizenship and territory of residence.

After your application, professional lawyer contacts you at a convenient time to provide free advice on the regulations of the legislation of Panama and the details of issuing a license for the activities of the broker.

How to obtain a brokerage license in Panama?


  • Establishing a company. Trader exchanges involve dealing with a large amount of finance and in many jurisdictions belong to the investment sector of the economy. Conducting all currency transactions is much more profitable if you have your own company in Panama. Requirement for the presence of a head office or a separate LLC within the borders of the state is mandatory for all citizens and non-residents.

  • Registration of settlement account. All material values and assets in monetary equivalent should be legalized, that is deposited on the bank account. It is inexpedient from an economic point of view to transfer currency to financial institutions of other countries, thus, Law&Trust’s specialists provide the service of opening account with local banks.

  • Establishment of the Board of directors. Jurisdiction does not require the employment of residents of the country in your company, but each specialist among the beneficial owners, shareholders and managerial staff must provide evidence of their own qualifications. Professionalism of your staff should be at a high level.

  • Compilation of the application. The application form is submitted in English to the National Commission for the Securities of Panama (CVN). This organization solely controls the entire forex market in the country, due to which it has great authority and wide powers.

  • Collection of documents. Obtaining brokerage license in Panama requires considerable preparation. The main package is collected already at the stage of the company's establishment, and it includes data on shareholders and their material condition. When submitting the application, it is necessary to attach information on the authorized capital of the organization, the memorandum of association, the charter, business development plan of the corporation and other documents. Collection and verification of all forms are carried out by the specialists of Law&Trust , which significantly speeds up the procedure for obtaining permission for brokerage in Panama.

Forex licenses in Panama: the cost of registration

The final price consists of several services and depends on many factors:


  • Type of company of the founder. In Panama, it is possible to register an LLC or a JSC. Collection of different documentation packages is required for each form, which leads to fluctuations in cost.

  • Set of services that the organization will provide to its users and the number of instruments necessary to carry out activities. A broker can be engaged in various spheres of trading: free trade, provision of consultations, storage of finance and so on. The more services your company will provide, the larger amount of authorized capital in the bank account will be required.

  • The length of the list of documents. The more shareholders, affiliates and employees your firm has, the more time it takes to collect and verify all forms, which has direct impact on the price.

You can find out how to obtain a brokerage license in Panama from the lawyers of Law&Trust. We work only on weekdays, however, applications for registration of broker certificates and free consultations are conducted around the clock.

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