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Brokerage license in Germany

Obtaining a brokerage license gives the opportunity to carry out activities, subject to low taxation, while also submitting minimum reporting statements, in various countries via the Internet. In the German Forex market, supervision of the activities of participants is carried out by such organization as the BaFin (German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority).

The BaFin is the most stringent regulator in Europe. It controls the activity of brokers in real-time mode, monitors compliance with the standards and ensures the stable functioning of financial markets.

If the company managed to get permission for brokerage activity in Germany, it can confidently be referred to the list of the most reliable market participants, which conducts absolutely "transparent" and safe activities for investors.

Forex license in Germany

Features of obtaining:

  • Obtaining a brokerage license in Germany is subject to the observance of various standards developed by the BaFin. Legal regulation of the financial services market of the country is characterized by a complex multi-level structure and has an extensive list of normative acts. First of all, the regulatory framework of the BaFin is aimed at:

    • Combating insider trading and illegal manipulation, monopolization of the financial market;
    • Protection of interests of investors and compliance with financial obligations by brokers.
    • Full disclosure of financial statements and compulsory provision of information required by and necessary for the BaFin, investors and general public by the financial institutions.

    The main condition is the authorized capital in the amount of 125,000 €.
    A mandatory requirement is the presence of at least 2 local directors (Germany citizens) in the company structure.

Forex license in Germany: assistance in obtaining

Law&Trust International exists on the market within a long period and renders services in all legal spheres of the international market. Highly qualified specialists provide comprehensive assistance in obtaining brokerage license in Germany and guarantee compliance with the principles of confidentiality and legality to the clients.

Individual approach to each client and extensive international connections help us to solve even the most incredible non-standard situations. We are reliable and efficient, and our prices are reasonable and relevant.


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