Business registration in GermanyAccording to the results of research conducted by the European Economic Area, per capita CDP of this country is equal to 40 000 USD. Taking into account the fact that the country is poor in minerals - there is a confirmation of wise and thoughtful experience of reorientation of German business in conditions of prolonged international crisis. Transparent tax system, state support, absence of corruption, efficient laws lead to increasing quantity of foreign investors intending to open a business in Germany.

Business in Germany

Under the last statistics, more than half of the business in the country is owned by foreigners. Absence of selectivity has resulted that absolutely all laws work in the same way for both large and small business. It is frequently when the young entrepreneurship acquires aid of the state in a form of integration into the national and international business development programs. Idea to open a business in Germany becomes more and more haunting and attractive due to the flexible taxation system.

Business forms in this country are not diverse in relation to wide variety. Absolutely any citizen is entitled to incorporate one of the following companies:

  • Personal,
  • Capital,
  • Union.

Non-residents of the country are entitled to incorporate only capital company, which is divided into 3 types:  

  1. With limited liability.
    • Authorized capital-  25 000 €. One-half is subject to contribution when registering, the remaining amount - within one year.
  2. Entrepreneurial.
    • Minimum amount of the authorized capital 25 000 EUR. At least 50% must be contributed for the moment of the registration.
  3. Joint-stock.
    • Authorized capital - 50 000 €. The quarter must be contributed within the registration, remaining part - 1/4 of the revenue annually before reaching 50 000 €.

Business registration in Germany

Although business registration in Germany is quite a simple procedure, it may require the term up to 30 days in total. For the founder it may be more convenient to   purchase a business in Germany, excluding long waiting term. Often, the proper decision can lie in representation by proxy.
Thus, the following is necessary for the future successful entrepreneur:

  1. Verify originality of the company name in the Chamber of commerce.
  2. Clarify types of activities of creating business.
  3. Agree legal and actual address. It is very important because tax amount may differ depending on particular city: in Munich it is equal to 17,15%, and in Frankfurt am Main - 16,1%.  
  4. Notarize the incorporation documents.
  5. Obtain a bank account and deposit necessary capital amount.
  6. Issue an extract on assigning the registration number from the trade register.  
  7. Register tax and insurance numbers.

Business registration in Germany has a number of advantages. The foreign investor acquires the following possibilities:  

  1. Process Multiple Journey Business Visas,
  2. Obtain the residence permit,
  3. Register accounts in banks of the state,  
  4. Take long-term credits,
  5. Participate in national and outside programs on business support.

Business, as well as its direct creation, is a crucial moment requiring qualified approach. Contact our specialists to get more detailed information about organization of own business in this country. We will provide professional consultation. With the support of our company, your possibility to purchase a business in Germany will become more clearly defined.

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