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Brokerage license in Australia

The "Law on Corporations" is in effect in Australia, which regulates the activities of forex markets. Online trading is a subtype of over-the-counter contracts for margin difference. The latter, in turn, is a financial product that fully complies with the legislation of the region.

Services of brokers in stock markets without provision of a special license are illegal activities that can be considered as fraudulent activities or financial fraud.

Obtaining brokerage license in Australia is possible with the help of Law&Trust. Our specialists provide free consultations concerning the issues of selection of financial products and instruments, assist in completing forms in foreign languages, and also undertake full responsibility for collecting the necessary documentation package.

There are no special requirements for applicants in the jurisdiction. Every citizen or non-resident of the state continent can submit application for brokerage license.

The application should be accompanied by large package of documents that will contain comprehensive information about the material condition of all beneficial owners of the company, the authorized capital of the organization, as well as the development strategy. The application is considered by the Australian Financial Services Commission, which regulates the entire economic sector of the state.

Obtaining forex license in Australia


  • Contacting Law&Trust. The process of submission of the application is discussed with the client, and together we compile work plan and allocate tasks for their prompt execution. The counterparty chooses the necessary services from the list, and initial exchange of documentation is conducted, as well as power of attorney is provided for our specialist for the subsequent collection of documents.


    In certain cases, the commission may request subsidiary documentation to confirm work experience or knowledge of the beneficial owners in the financial sector.

    Obtaining brokerage license entitles to trade the options on stock exchanges that are controlled by Australian law. If it is necessary to expand the business to other regions, it is necessary re-submit application to foreign jurisdictions.

    The main condition is the authorized capital in the amount of 1,000,000 Australian dollars.

    Consideration can last from 6 to 12 months. It is worth noting that the Australian legislation does not provide for specific time frame for making decisions on the issuance of brokerage licenses, so the process can be delayed. Transfer of documentation. Professional translators make interpretation of the main pages of the forms, all documents are certified by the notary, and then sent to the foreign jurisdiction. Collection of the package of documents. The package can include up to 40 different references, copies, forms and statements. The lawyers of our company guarantee prompt and complete collection with verification of all received data for veracity and compliance with the regulations of Australia. Compiling the list of documentation. Forex is a vast structure, where each broker works with certain set of options and instruments. The list of documents is compiled after clarifying all the details of the business strategy.

The cost of obtaining brokerage license in Australia

The total amount depends on the number of services that are necessary for you to obtain permission for brokerage activities.


The price with the approximate costs is posted on our site with no access restrictions, but the details for each particular case should be specified by telephone. Our lawyers accept applications for consultation and certificate processing by mail and in chat.

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