Australia is one of the most comfortable countries to live in. A high standard of living and excellent opportunities for work and business make this country attractive for migration. However, in order to live in the country was really comfortable, you need to open an account in Australia. It is impossible to do without it, since all state bodies do not accept payments in cash. The companies apply immediately after obtaining a visa. We will talk in more detail about how to open an account in Australian dollars or foreign currency, what documents are needed, and consider other features.

How to become a client of an Australian financial institution

In order to become a client of a financial company in Australia, you need to prepare a list of documents. The country has a special system for scores. A foreign citizen needs to score a total of 100 points. The value of the documents is as follows:

  • identity card - 70;
  • driver’s license or local medical card - 40;
  • land valuation report (if you have real estate in the country) - 35;
  • loyalty card of a local store - 25;
  • bank statement or utility bill - 25.

It is enough to submit 2-3 documents to open an account in Australian dollars.

Is it possible to open an account online?

Each client has the opportunity to open a personal or corporate account in a bank in Australia. Similarly, it can be managed from abroad: make transfers, deposits, payments, and other banking operations. Such services are offered by the four largest companies in the country:

  • ANZ;
  • Commonwealth Bank;
  • NAB;
  • Westpac.

Law&Trust will help you become a client of an Australian bank. We offer services for both individuals and small, medium and large businesses. We will tell you what you need to register with local banks, translate all the necessary documents, create an online account, and fully follow the procedure. Working with us, you will receive a ready account with a plastic card, through which you can immediately carry out any financial transactions. In the event of a refusal, Law&Trust lawyers will appeal the decision of the banks.