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Investment license in Malta

Lawyers of Law&Trust International cooperate with representatives of various state commissions and private organizations in Malta. Establishment of new enterprises, registration of bank accounts, processing of gambling certificates, etc.

Are carried out in the territory of this jurisdiction. You can also obtain permission for investment activities in Malta with the help of our specialists.

Long-term cooperation with the offshore zone guarantees the absence of legal delays, as well as prompt consideration of the application.

Submission of the package of documentation is carried out to the commission for financial regulation (The Malta Financial Services Authority - MFSA).

The organization controls the activities of not only investment funds, but also other funds engaged in the sphere of finance. Enterprise that has received approval for registration of the certificate is entitled to provide the following services:

1. Storing and managing the capital of investors.
2. Advising clients on the issues of financial activities of enterprises, funds, markets.
3. Creating own financial instruments and integrating them into the overall management system of financial capital.

Investment license can be issued to banks, microcredit organizations and mortgage institutions, pawnbroker's offices, forex brokers and other types of firms. For each of the applicants, certain set of available services is established, depending on their field of activity.

Investment license for Maltese companies

Despite of the fact that the company from any country can submit application for licensing of activities, there is a division into local business and non-residents in the jurisdiction. Provision of services for entrepreneurs of Malta is carried out on an accelerated terms because they already have registered branches and bank accounts in the territory of the country.

Foreign businessmen are obliged to establish subsidiary company or new affiliate group of corporations (consolidated group) within the borders of the state, as well as contribute the authorized capital in a certain amount to the account of a local bank.

Malta is a member of the European Union, which guarantees counterparties operational expansion to the whole Europe. The procedure of passportization of licensed enterprises is prevalent in the country. MFSA issues certificate to the applicant, after which the counterparty has the right to open branch in any country in Europe through rapid authorization in the financial management authorities of a particular republic.

Sequence of obtaining investment license in Malta

After the firm is registered in the local jurisdiction, the client should recruit the personnel that meet the regulations. According to the current legislation, the managing financial commission has the right to verify the qualifications of employees, in particular directors and managerial staff. Each employee can voluntarily pass attestation or provide confirmation of his education and work experience in the financial sector.


  • Recruiting employees can be carried out at the time during which our specialists will prepare documents for obtaining license for investment activities. Among the list of standard documentation package there are the following:

    - Passports and certificates of education of all founders and shareholders;
    - The charter of the firm, data on the financial condition of the organization;
    - Extract from the bank with confirmation of the contribution of the authorized capital;
    - Information on the scope of activities of the firm and the instruments used;
    - Detailed business plan of the enterprise.

Our lawyer will clarify all the information about all stages of submitting the application for obtaining investment license in Malta.

The cost for investment license in Malta

The main part of the costs is the contribution of the authorized capital, and its amount ranges from 125 to 730 thousand euros. The exact amount depends on the scale of the organization's activities.

It is also necessary to contribute state fees and pay for the services of the commission for considering the application. Therefore, the total cost for each case can be different.


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