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License for investment activities in Hungary

Hungary is one of the countries participating in the European Economic Area, so the financial sphere of activity is actively developing there. New banks, brokerage offices, investment funds are being opened in the territory of the state, and non-resident enterprises are being registered.

For foreign legal entities, separate rates of taxation are provided and current regulation of legislation is insignificantly modified. Investment organization that has obtained license within the borders of Hungary is entitled to expand the corporation outside the country.

Further development of the firm to other EU countries, including in interactive networks, is encouraged.

It is possible to obtain investment license in Hungary only after verifying all the beneficial owners, the corporation itself, employees, the company's charter and the level of its material security. As in many European countries, high demands are imposed on the applicants in Hungary.

In order to cover new territories, it is sufficient to pass the authorization procedure. If extension is provided for, it is advisable in advance to submit information about this to the licensor's commission.

The foregoing will simplify the process in the future.

Investment license for Hungarian companies

Resident companies of the state can apply to Law & Trust for prompt obtaining of the license. If the client is the natural person, we will provide assistance for him in establishing investment firm from scratch, processing account for the authorized capital, and conducting the necessary work for your better understanding of the regulations of the country.

Legal entities from among the residents of Hungary can obtain license within the shortest possible time.

The foregoing is due to the existence of operating business and nominal capital. All that is required is to collect the documentation package, examine it for availability of mistakes, transfer it to the Financial Regulation Commission and wait for the application consideration to be completed. The last stage can take 2-3 months. In the event that the applicant represents an IP, re-registration of the company into JSC or LLC is required.

The cost of investment license in Hungary for non-residents

Regardless of the type of counterparty from another state, the client needs to become legal entity of this jurisdiction. In order to carry out the above and to obtain permission for investment activities, the client will need to collect three packages of documentation in Hungary. These packages are listed below.

For establishment of the company

    1. Personal data of the founder, as well as all investors and shareholders. Not only copies of the passport are necessary, but also documents on education, work experience, term of employment, absence of criminal record, and material condition. In certain cases it may be necessary to confirm the address of all the founders.

    2. Documentation regarding office building, as well as registration of legal address of the facility. Bills for payment of utilities, data on the means of communication (telephone and the Internet) are required. If the building is being leased, it is necessary to provide the contract with the amount of rent payment.

For opening account with the local bank

  • 1. Certificate of the availability of capital of the legal entity in the financial institution of the country.
    2. Information on the origin of capital.
    3. Copies of personal data on all the founders of the corporation.

For submitting application

for obtaining investment license
All the above copies will be required, as well as the charter of the new enterprise or the standards of its work. The applicant should list all the services, which he plans to provide to the users, for the regulator to be able to determine the appropriate type of certificate.
Our company's lawyers know how to quickly obtain investment license in Hungary, save the maximum amount of time and money at the stage of collecting and preparing documents. Leave applications for free consultation. You can specify the prices and also the full list of services when processing the investment license during conversation.

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