Opening bank account in Malta

Law&Trust Company assists in opening accounts with foreign banks. Our clients are citizens of all continents and states including China, the USA, Russia and others. There are several reasons in favour of opening your bank account in Malta:

  • Low cost of services (price reduction is due to minimum requirements from banks to clients);

  • High level of financial protection. Banks constantly test and implement new cryptographic systems on protection of information.

Which bank in Malta is preferable for opening bank account?

We cooperate with four banks of the country. Among them there are: Banif bank, Bank of Valletta, Lombard Bank, Sparkasse Bank Malta. Each bank differs from others in terms of processing accounts and considering applications. Certain banks have special conditions for the first contribution regarding terms and amounts. There are differences in the rates of fees and account maintenance. It is possible to clarify the details about each bank on the pages of our website, as well as with specialists in online chat or by phone.

What documents are needed to open account in Malta for non-resident?

It is sufficient for natural person to provide a scanned copy of the passport and confirmation of the place of residence. If your document does not specify TIN or ID, you should send the foregoing separately. If there is no information about your place of residence in the identity document, you can send us receipts on payment of utility bills for the last 3 months.

The above is the minimum package, which can be supplemented by extracts from other banks, documents confirming welfare and solvency. The company will need to produce all the same, but in addition, it is necessary to collect all corporate documents, as well as documents for directors, shareholders and beneficial owners.

Applying to our company is necessary in order to clarify the full list of documents for each institution. We prepare all the necessary documents for submission to the bank in order to open bank account in Malta.

Malta: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
BNF Bank 450 EUR 2008
Sparkasse Bank Malta 490 EUR 1817
Lombard Bank 490 EUR 1955
Bank of Valletta 490 EUR 1974