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Financial license in Lithuania

Lithuania is not an offshore jurisdiction, however it does not prohibit non-residents of the state from conducting activity in its territory.

License is not required for most branches of business in order to start operation, but financial license should be obtained in Lithuania for establishing bank, investment company or credit institution, as well as company engaged in related field of activity.

This type of licensing is mandatory for enterprises operating in the following fields:

1. Forex, binary options, securities, futures.
2. Investments, custody of securities and management of shares owned by third parties.
3. Financial transactions, currency exchange.
4. Provision of banking and credit services.

The license for financial activities in Lithuania is issued only to those applicants who fully comply with the requirements of the jurisdiction. If the company does not comply with the regulations, it will have to change its scope of activity or achieve the necessary level of compliance. Doing business without license is punished in accordance with Lithuanian law.

Requirements for obtaining financial license for applicants

Before submitting a package of documentation, it is necessary to be ensured that the applicant complies with the following points:


  • The head office of the enterprise should be registered within the borders of Lithuania. Branches can be located in other countries.

  • The amount of the authorized capital can vary due to the presence of a large number of branches in the financial sphere of activity. The exact amount can be clarified with our expert when consulting.

  • The director of the enterprise should be the resident of Lithuania, and there are no requirements for work experience.

The cost of obtaining financial license in Lithuania consists of the total number of services necessary for the client. In addition, you may need to open an account with a bank, register a trademark, and miscellaneous. All the listed services are provided by the experts of Law&Trust.

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