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Financial license in New Zealand

New Zealand is a state that provides registration of offshore companies for most entrepreneurs tending to establish business within the territory of the country. The country is unitary one, but its legislation is still under the influence of the United Kingdom.

The procedure for obtaining financial license in New Zealand is similar to the analogous process in the UK, but, at the same time, there are insignificant differences.

The license is necessary for each company that plans to conduct activity in the economic sector. When registering a new company, its owner or his authorized person determines specific branch of doing business. It can be investing, crediting, providing the set of banking services, operating with trading markets, financial transactions by means of the Internet and miscellaneous.

Each branch needs separate licensing, and accordingly, if the corporation is large and plans to operate in several spheres of activity, it is necessary to obtain several licenses.

License for financial activity in New Zealand

Main requirements:

  • The name of the company should comply with the requirements of the legislation, namely: it shall contain such ending as “Limited”; in addition, the company shall have such organizational and legal form as “Private Company”;
  • The legal address shall be registered in the territory of the islands;
  • There should be the resident of New Zealand or Australia acting as the director of the company;
  • The amount of the authorized capital is subject to specific scope of activity of the company. The legislation admits partial contribution of funds to the account.
The cost of obtaining financial license in New Zealand can be clarified after receiving information about your company. Apply to our experts for consultation and you will receive answers to all the questions related to the licensing procedure.

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