Company Law & Trust International offers a wide range of additional services for your business:

  • International certification and notarization of the constituent documents.
  • Consular certification of the constituent documents in CIS countries consulates, as well as other countries.
  • Providing the administrative adress in prestigious European or other countries.
  • Both accounting and audit reporting for offshore companies and paying taxes companies.
  • Opening bank accounts in the Baltic or European banks.
  • Changes in the directors panel or shareholders of non-resident companies.
  • Redomicile (moving) companies under another jurisdiction.
  • Getting a tax number (EIN) for U.S. companies, as well as the tax number for companies from other jurisdictions.
  • Takeover and recovery of foreign companies.
  • Obtaining the Certificate of Goodstanding, Incumbency, etc.
  • The process of the official closing of the company.
  • Registration companies with the brand name in Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.
  • Changes in the statutes of the company.
  • Registration of insurance, reinsurance, financial and stock companies.
  • Submitting the tax-free "old" companies, registered in the 1982-2002 years.
  • Registration at the Industrial and Trade Chambers of foriegn countries; participation in other commercial and non-profit organizations around the world.
  • Search and obtain information on specific companies anywhere in the world.
  • many other additional services.


For all questions, please contact our staff.