Law & Trust International designs and implements technological solutions to protect and test personal data, of information systems that allow us to assess the current level information security. Our experts install the certified information security solutions, and advise on legal and technical matters of personal data protection.

The services we provide can be divided into the following categories:

  • Creation and management of security policies
  • Investigation of computer crimes
  • Providing the information security
  • Analysis of information security conditions
  •  Certification and license service

Information security and protection of data is a complex task, with the main goal to secure the data. The target can be achieved with a help of the implementation of certain measures. Information security problems are continuously compounded as the modern hardware of processing and data transmission and above all computing systems come into all spheres of society.

Nowadays three basic principles should provide information security:

  • confidentiality of information
  •  data integrity - protection against failures that can lead to information loss, and protection against unauthorized data creation or destruction
  •  availability of information to authorized users who have the appropriate permissions

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