Opening a bank account in Turkey

Turkey is a center of tourism in Asia, due to which opening of bank accounts in Turkey is of particular interest not only for large corporations, but also for natural persons. If the main advantage of the Turkish financial system for companies is the absence of double taxation, the most important benefit for private investors is considered to be the free payment of goods and services in the territory of the Asian country without additional fees, since the payment by a bank card of any state of the CIS, the USA or Europe provides for high interests for carrying out of transactions.

How to open bank account in Turkey for non-resident?

Local financial institutions are loyal to foreigners, so that there are no special requirements for foreign investors during the process of opening bank account in Turkey.

Transparency is encouraged there, so banks request detailed description of the origin of your funds and description of the activity.

Opening bank accounts in Turkey can be problematic due to the presence of language barrier, because the personnel speaks the state language and less often they know English.

Law&Trust offers its services for prompt processing of settlement bank accounts in Turkey. Our employees are professional lawyers having extensive experience of working with such local bank as Aktif Bank. This financial institution is the fastest growing one in the territory of Turkey, and it offers cost-efficient conditions of cooperation for all clients, high interest rates, as well as minimum fee for transfers and services.

You can clarify more detailed information about the above bank by our company's phones.

Documents for opening bank account in Turkey for non-resident

1. National and international passports of the citizen.
2. If there is no address in the identity document, address statement or other form confirming the place of your residence is required.
3. Personal tax number in Turkey (issued by the local government authority).

The last document can be issued on the basis of completed application, the form of which can be translated by specialists of our company. When you obtain Turkish TIN it is necessary to have passport with you. Qualified translators and legal specialists are ready to provide you with online consultation by chat or answer your questions by phone.

Turkey: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Aktif Bank 690 USD 1999