Opening bank account in the Cayman Islands

Banks of the Cayman Islands provide a high level of service. The legal system of the state is thoroughly thought through, and, as a result, disputable situations and problems in opening of accounts in the Cayman Islands rarely occur. In order to accelerate the process of opening bank account in the Cayman Islands, you can send an application to our company.

Specialists of Law&Trust practice an integrated approach to the business, so the client does not need to worry about the correctness of filling out the forms, the terms of obtaining statements and other concerns.

Which bank in the Cayman Islands to select for opening bank account?

Caledonian Global Financial Services

This bank with English-speaking personnel is able to open the account to be credited in the Cayman Islands within 3 days, and it will take up to 5 working days for opening the account to be debited. Providing recommendations is not required, and verification of activities and sources of income is ordinary. Several types of accounts for settlement, accruement and accumulation of finances are available for the clients.

There are no restrictions on the transactions, and minimum balance can be zero. Transactions are conducted no longer than within 3 days, and the cost of servicing the account depends on the annual turnover. Access to finance is provided through a remote control system.

Altajir Bank

The bank offers consideration of the application within 7 days, and the priority is given to clients with recommendations. Personal presence is not necessary, and detailed description of the activities of individual or company is not required. However, in case of exceeding the amount of $ 1 million in the account, detailed revenue reporting will be required.

Documents for opening bank account in the Cayman Islands

The list of documents is compiled on an individual basis, and it is necessary to contact our lawyers for its clarification. The specialists will not only specify the list of necessary documents, but also translate them, certify them, and send to representatives of the selected bank.

Cayman islands: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Caledonian Global Financial Services 450 USD 1970
DMS Offshore Investment Services 590 USD 1972