The cost of opening an account: From 450 USD

General information

Name:Euro Pacific Bank Ltd

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines

Faunded:1 964
History:Euro Pacific Bank Ltd was founded by famous investor and globally popular author - Peter Schiff. Euro Pacific Bank Ltd (EPB) is located in the Republic of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines. EPB obtained license from the International Financial Services Association as an international bank of A class, and is known for its high-quality financial services and maintenance.
Employees:English-speaking staff, Russian-speaking staff
Security:Agreement on avoidance of double taxation was concluded.


Terms of opening for admission (days):7
Opening terms for cancellation (days):7
Description of activity:Detailed
Account type:Personal, corporate
Types of accounts:Savings; Settlement; Investment
Departure to the bank:Visiting the bank is not required, all documents must be sent by mail.
Required documents:Standard package of documents
Account opening, probability:High
Particularities during account opening:Euro Pacific Bank does not provide services to customers from the USA. The bank does not provide debit cards for citizens of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. In addition,starting from January 24,2014 the bank does not accept payments from Russian banks


Rating on loans:A


Balance, minimum:500 €
Limit of transfers (per month):No restrictions
An initial fee :0 €
Annual turnover (minimum):0 €
Transaction speed:On the same day

Services and costs

Cost of translation:See tariffs
Cost of enrollment:50 EUR
Cost of account maintenance:5 USD per month (personal account), 30 USD per month (corporate account).
Credit card restrictions:Card withdrawals from the card per day: 750 EUR / 1000 USD
Insurance for credit cards:No information
Access to the account:Internet banking and telephone.
Bank services:The first and main product is a settlement account. Bank settlement accounts are available online in the following currencies: USD / EUR / GBP / CAD / AUD. The next product is the accounts guaranteed by physical gold or silver (with debit cards), which is stored in Australia or with delivery (from $ 10 thousand). The Bank also offers secure offshore brokerage activities for secured customers from fixed, web and mobile platforms where you can work with world stock exchanges (20+ exchanges), forex, futures, CFDs, ETFs, etc. The Gold and Precious Metals Fund of Euro Pacific Bank; even an offshore company can be opened using scanned copies of documents without sending originals, which significantly speeds up and reduces the cost of the procedure.
Bank cards:Visa, Mastercard
Cost of extracts storing:See tariffs
Download Tariffs:

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Select Bank's name sort descending Price of account opening Terms of account opening (days) Established World Ranking
B2B Bank Limited 450 USD 0
Euro Pacific Bank Ltd 450 USD 7 1964
Euro Pacific Bank Ltd 450 USD 7 1964