The cost of opening an account: From 450 EUR
The cost of opening an account:
From 450 EUR

General information

Regional Investment bank


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IB INVESTICIJUBANKA obtained license on September 14, 2001, but the official starting point of its history is 28 September 2001, when the corporation was registered in the Register of Enterprises of the Republic of Latvia (registered as joint-stock company of Regionala investment bank)
There is Russian-speaking staff


Terms of opening for admission (days):
Opening terms for cancellation (days):
Не требуется
Description of activity:
Account type:
Types of accounts:
Personal; Corporate; Settlement
Departure to the bank:
Visiting the bank is not required
Required documents:
Standard set of corporate documents. Copy of the passport of the account holder
Account opening, probability:
Calculated and perceived
Particularities during account opening:


Rating on loans:


Balance, minimum:
0 €
An initial fee :
0 €
Transaction speed:
On the same day

Services and costs

Cost of translation:
See rates
Cost of enrollment:
Bank does not charge fee for incoming payments
Cost of account maintenance:
50 USD (for natural persons) and 200 USD (for legal entities). Annual fee for account maintenance is not charged from individuals, and for legal entities it is 20 USD per month.
Credit card restrictions:
Daily limit for debit card Maestro - 700 EUR; for MasterCard Mass - 1500 EUR; for MasterCard Business - 2000 EUR; fpr MasterCard Gold - 2000 EUR; for MasterCard WORLD ELITE - 3500 EUR
Insurance for credit cards:
No information
Access to the account:
Internet banking with free connection and free service. Issuance of code card - 5 USD. Connecting electronic signature calculator Digipass - 70 USD
Bank services:
The Bank offers a full range of banking services: multi-currency settlement account, Internet banking, account of transactions, payments and transfers, international payment cards, e-Commerce, exclusive payment card World Elite, credits\loans and trade financing, documentary operations, investment and brokerage services, and residence permit in Europe
Bank cards:
Debit card Maestro (card issuance fee - 25 EUR, payment for the second year of service - 25 EUR, minimum balance - 35 EUR). Card MasterCard Mass (card issuance fee - 50 EUR, payment for the second year of service - 50 EUR, minimum balance - 200 EUR). Card MasterCard Business (card issuance fee - 80 EUR, payment for the second year of service - 80 EUR, minimum balance - 300 EUR). Card MasterCard Gold (card issuance fee - 150 EUR, payment for the second year of service - 150 EUR)
Cost of extracts storing:
No information
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