Opening a bank account in Saint Lucia

Financial system of Saint Lucia is focused on foreign investors. The foregoing is confirmed by the fact that the country's banks set minimum requirements for non-resident companies. Financial policy is extremely transparent. Contributors’ funds are protected by law, and all financial institutions of Saint Lucia are under the control of the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank, which guarantees reliability.

Selection of the bank in Saint Lucia for account opening by non-resident

The partner of our law firm is Hermes Bank. It is possible to open bank accounts in Saint Lucia of any type there, therefore it is suitable for all our clients. All data of the bank's clients are protected from being disclosed.

Among the advantages of processing the account with Hermes Bank, there are the following:

- Consideration of the application for account opening in Saint Lucia takes only 1 day. Personal visit is not required.

- Transactions are carried out promptly, and the transfer reaches the addressee on the day of sending.

- Maintaining of deposit costs 15 euros per month, which is cost-efficient in comparison to many other foreign banks.

- The account is managed by means of Digipass. It is a special device that can be purchased separately.

- Tariffs for transactions are low, and specific prices can be clarified on our website or by phone.

Corporate account in the bank in Saint Lucia: features of opening for non-resident

Low level of the initial payment allows to become the client of Hermes Bank to natural persons, but more often the account is required for legal entities. Settlement deposit allows to conduct financial transfers with your partners. There are no specific requirements for legal entities, and it is also easy to open bank account in Saint Lucia for non-resident, as well as for citizen of the country.

Standard package of documents will be required, and we carry out verification and compilation of the above documents. The client's task is to personally sign all bank forms, as well as provide color and accurate copy of the passport and the documents related to the company. Our employees certify all forms and send them. After certain period of time, the client receives bank details and can use the account.

Law&Trust International offers the service of opening bank account for non-residents in Saint Lucia and the professionalism of our lawyers will ensure prompt procedure.

Saint Lucia: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Hermes Bank 450 USD 2012