The cost of opening an account: From 590 EUR
The cost of opening an account:
From 590 EUR

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Fidor Bank AG


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The Bank was founded in 2009 in Munich by such entrepreneur as Matthias Kroner at his own expense and has a full banking license (Vollbanklizenz), which gives the right to conduct the entire spectrum of financial transactions. The foregoing is the only similarity to classic banks. Strictly speaking, many clients of Fidor Bank are just user of online community created by him. Even their personal data are often unknown, only nicknames are available. However, this does not prevent them, for example, from conducting transactions peer-to-peer, contributing funds to virtual wallets of each other and providing profits to the bank. Fidor Bank (Germany) is a classic bank of the new generation. The Bank has no branches. All communication with clients is carried out via Internet. But the bank offers its clients the greatest opportunities for social interaction in the Internet. In addition to the clients’ community, there are online calculators, tools for comparing products on the website. Profiles of community members can be easily integrated with Facebook, Twitter, eBay and business social network Xing.
Website does not have an interface in Russian, only in German and English, respectively during registration it is required to enter your real data using Latin letters.


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Не требуется
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Personal, corporate
Types of accounts:
Settlement, deposit
Departure to the bank:
Visiting the bank is not required
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No special


Balance, minimum:
0 €
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No restrictions
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On the same day

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No information
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Bank services:
In March 2010, the Bank launched its Fidor Cyberwallet, the so-called account FidorPay as the current account for private and business clients. Further, it offers a subrange of standardized retail banking services: deposit accounts, savings bonds, credit cards, investments in foreign currencies or precious metals, as well as loan offers. The range of corporate clients includes financial products, as well as corporate settlement account.
Bank cards:
Visa, Mastercard