Opening a bank account in the Czech Republic

Bank accounts are opened according to your requirements, but many clients tend to open account not in local financial institutions, but in foreign ones. The reason for the foregoing is different for everyone, namely: intention to bring business to the international level, high interest rates, extended range of services and miscellaneous reasons.

The main problems in opening the account are overcoming the language barrier and preparing the package of documents. Both negative aspects can be resolved with the help of lawyers from Law&Trust. We undertake certification and execution of all documents, as well as negotiations with representatives of the foreign bank.

Bank account in the Czech Republic for non-residents: what are the options for opening?

PPF Banka

It is the bank with high level of secrecy that is extremely convenient both for natural persons and for legal entities. In order to open account in the bank in the Czech Republic, you do not need to provide letter of recommendation or thorough description of the professional scope of activity. Savings and settlement accounts are processed within 1-2 weeks without taking into account the term for sending documents.

Visit to the territory of the representative office is necessary, but the personnel of PPF Banka includes Russian-speaking employees, which will simplify the opening. The Bank maintains operation with Visa and MasterCard systems, has its own website, and users can manage accounts through Internet banking. Account maintenance costs 50 euros per month, and initial contribution is not required.

Ceska Sporitelna

It is the largest bank in the Czech Republic, which does not require description of the client's activities. It is possible to open account with the Czech bank for outgoing and incoming transactions within one business week.

The documents are accepted exclusively in the local language, and both national and international passports may be required for identification purposes.
Personal presence is required. Account maintenance costs about 1000 korunas, but given certain level of turnover of finances, it can become free of charge. Initial payment equals to 300 euros.

Opening bank account in the Czech Republic for non-resident: expert assistance

Our specialists will carry out translation into Czech, and also certify the documents according to all the rules. If you need to be accompanied by the lawyer or the interpreter to visit the country, you can engage him in the process using Law&Trust. Details on the services for opening bank account in the Czech Republic can be specified by phone or in interactive chat on the site.

Czech Republic: list of banks
Name of the bank Account opening cost Founded
Ceska Sporitelna (Česká spořitelna) 590 EUR 1825
PPF Banka 590 EUR 1995
CSOB Bank 450 EUR 1964
Komerční banka (KB) 450 EUR 1990